Thursday, October 23, 2014

Improvised Adoration.....

My blogger friend Mary Christine often shares of her times of worship in an Eucharist Adoration service at her Catholic church. Holy hours. I am not Catholic, but the times that I get to read her words about this time of worship and meditation and sole focus on her Lord, have just touched me so much. I want to do this.

We have a meditation Alanon meeting in our area....we come together and for 20 minutes we sit with lights dimmed, candles lit in the middle of us, and we meditate or pray in silence. I LOVE those 20 minutes. I love the moment of silence before we say the Serenity Prayer at our meetings. I love to sit in silence and be still.

So bless Mary's heart, she located our local Adoration services for me. My plan was to go today but I looked on the churches website and it said something about "members" signing up so that every hour is covered with two people at a time.

I chickened out. There was a number to call and I left a voice mail asking for more information.....can *anyone* off the street come to your Adoration service?

I decided that for today I would create my own Adoration time at I went to my prayer spot and I kneeled, I lit candles and I prayed and sat silently for 45 minutes. I thanked God for accepting me, for having me as His child, for walking with me and letting me belong to Him. Afterward I read 3 chapters in Job, who served God even in the midst of despair and loosing all that was precious to him. I received an Alanon call from a distraught mama and was able to pray for she and her child also.

It was a beautiful morning. A time of solitude and quiet.

For the month of October I have had Tuesdays and Thursdays off of work. My client has been sick in the hospital. While I miss my client, and might end up in the poor house before too much longer, I have LOVED having the time. It has enabled me to slow down and process life, to set aside 5 minutes to adore and worship God, to cook dinner, to really listen to those around me...and not just fly around throwing life together with some spit and tape.

Take a deep breath....

PS: Pay it forward project.....if you are interested in participating, please email me. We will start with forming our list of participants. You can read more of our ideas on this, here.
With much love.....

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Sarah said...

Thank you for the post. At our Catholic church anyone can come in for adoration. The sign up you saw was just so that "someone" would be there during the time the tabernacle was open. You don't have to be Catholic and you don't have to sign up. No one needs an appointment to adore the Lord :)