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Throw away kids.....

So this is a change of pace from my new blog topics...I can't help it though. I just had this experience and I have to write about it.

The other day I had a couple hour break in-between clients, so the dad came into town to meet me for coffee. While we visited a young woman stood near by.....obviously homeless, covered in dirt, hair matted in dreadlocks, very drunk, an almost empty vodka bottle visible from her backpack. When I smiled at her she smiled back and said, "Hi." She had a little guitar with her, not a ukulele, but a miniature guitar. Another homeless man came by and saw her and stopped and played his harmonica and she pulled out her guitar and together they serenaded the dad and I. As quickly as it had begun, it was over and they walked their separate ways.

I stopped the girl and told her about our local "soup kitchen" right up the street.

"Honey, are you hungry? Do you know about The Dining Room?"

"The Dining Room? No, Im not from he…

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