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Mary Spidell is my friend and I can assure you that she has been incredibly modest in her sharing. She is a fierce advocate for those who can't advocate for themselves. Conflict does not frighten her. Her hands have worked so very hard caring for thousands of other lives in this world, and those leaving our presence. She is honest, fearless and indomitable. 
As I look at my hands, I  see years of use, age spots, and scars.They have cooked  many meals, immeasurable loads of laundry.  They have helped complete years and years of homework. 
These hands have held newborn babes, numerous sick or injured children,  and many humans of varying ages who are ending their journey in this world.   They have fed the homeless  and soothed troubled souls.
These hands have wrung  with worries of the impending death of my mother, father and son.   They have held each of these with love  compassion and a bit of anger.
At the end of the day,  these hands come together in prayer.

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