Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas is here

Something about being a grandma and it being Christmas time has created this huge desire to be crafty and to make things and to sew. The thing is that Im really not very good at any of that. LOL Everything I have made to give away, that has involved my sewing machine, has been made with lots of love and the F-word. I rarely lose it anymore.....but the other day, my sewing machine kept jamming and my needle bent, and nothing was lining up, a straight pin went under my nail and made me bleed, and I was saying, "Shit shit shit shit!" Little one was sitting across the table from me doing her own thing and she so sweetly said, "Mom, I really think its the machine. It seems to jam up on everyone who uses it." 

"No its not the machine! It's that I dont know what I'm doing!" She shrugged her shoulders, "It seems like you do to me..." and went back to her own stuff, unphased by my tantrum. She has learned so well that she can't fix other people's problems. She can be a kind calming presence, but its not her job to make me feel better when Im losing my "shit" over my ideas not coming into fruition exactly the way I had envisioned. 

Isn't that so how life is? Ive been thinking a lot about the life I envisioned and the life I got. Don't get me wrong....the life I got is filled with so much good, but there are also a lot of elements that I never planned on. Elements that have changed me at my very core. 

Every Saturday night my girl has continued to come with me to the homeless shelter. I initially volunteered for that so Little One could come with me for some community service....she came once and it was too much. Too much chaos, not enough direction, too vague and haphazard, and she ended up waiting in the car for me. She might try again eventually....but to have My Girl with me is such an unexpected joy! To be able to let her be there with no expectations....she sits and reads a book while I check the women in. If anyone needs extra help to get settled she takes them back and helps them find a mat and get their spot set up for the night, shows them where to get their dinner, and makes sure they have what they need. Then back out to read her book, until she is needed again. The shelter hosts an AA meeting that she goes into each week. Watching her feel responsible for something, be a part of something, watching her care and quietly share her opinion and participate, is really something quite amazing. Who knew that I would ever end up volunteering in a homeless shelter with My beautiful Girl by my side, who relentlessly keeps working on her own issues, who doesn't let mistakes derail her completely anymore, who refuses to give up. All of those years ago when she was a little red haired girl who wrote poetry and sang the theme song from Annie out in the yard at the top of her voice and could run like the wind and shared her opinions with me on the books she was reading, never in my wildest ideas did I envision the journey we ended up on, but this is where we have ended up, and it seems for now to be shaking itself out somewhat. Things can change quickly though, as we all know, so I accept this moment for the gift that it is. I choose to be present in this day. 

Merry Christmas my fellow travelers. 

With much love,


Sunday, November 19, 2017


I have to say that taking a break from Facebook and from so much of the media that I allow to permeate my life has felt so good. It has been quiet. Quieter in my spirit and that feels peaceful. I opened myself up to an influx of information and opinions and some of it is good, factual, logical, information, but some of it felt so oppressive and dark and often hopelessly sad...I needed a break and the break was most definitely the right choice for me. 

It has given me time to think about just doing my own life. What if I just focused on doing my own life each day? Being present in each moment, creating a simple life of reading books, walking, caring for my sweet clients, and savoring our magnificent baby and the joys that my children are experiencing in their adult lives?  What if I let go of the need to turn the awfulness of addiction and mental illness into something good by advocating and sharing our story and letting everyone know that they aren't alone, that I am here too and I am figuring out our path the best I can. What if my need to reach out to let other's know they aren't alone, was more about ME not being alone? What if all of these years of working on these particular issues, was all about coming to this place of calm and quiet? 

My girl has been coming with me to our Nomadic Shelter for the homeless each Saturday night and helping. Real people, without homes, with holes in their shoes, coming in drunk and hungry, smelling, dirty, some are angry, some are sad and hobbling, their aching joints are sore, the vast majority are filled with gratitude and humility...and all have a story. That I am there, amongst the smell of stale alcohol, slurred voices, watery eyes and red faces, is nothing short of a miracle. A miracle that took place when I wasn't looking, when I wasn't trying to make it happen, to progress, to get better....I just noticed that one day there I was, standing in the middle of a bunch of alcoholics and addicts in active addiction, and I was ok. I had no surges of panic, no anger of my own to navigate, no tears...I was really ok. I could meet them where they are at, I could show them to where they would sleep for the night, help them get some fresh socks and a toothbrush if they needed it, explain how the dinner line would work, I could hug them, make eye contact with them and smile. 

For my long time know how huge this is. 

It recently occurred to me that that spot inside of myself, that the trauma of alcoholism had long ago broken inside this little girl's heart, that scar of weakened fragile tissue that has been present for so many healing. God is doing for me what I have not been able to do for myself. I have come to Him on my terms, not in a church but in my living room, usually in my pajamas and bare feet, with morning breath and a big cup of cream laden coffee sloshing around in my hand, with all of my fearful baggage tucked onto my shoulders, wreaking of desperation, and He took me in. He met me where I was at and He loved me and accepted me and let me be right where I was, until it felt safe enough to begin to follow Him. I am no different than the homeless, the mentally ill, the addicted, the broken. I needed to be saved and rescued too. I had to learn to trust someone I couldn't even see. To listen for His voice, to follow His direction, to leap and hope He was really going to catch me. 

So for today, for now, I will continue on this peaceful segment of my journey. It might not be this way forever, but for today, this is good and right. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Going inward....

So moving right along from sexual abuse to self care.....

Im so spent right now. Emotionally, spiritually, physically.  And the holidays are right around the corner. If you are my friend on Facebook, you know that I took my holiday sabbatical early this year. I have had to back my way out of my volunteer online groups that are filled daily with so much loss. The news which is filled with constant tragedy. The arguing and debating. The cruel comments that some people make, feeling so brave behind their keyboards. Add in the pictures of perfection and I just needed a break. I needed to step back and focus on what is here and tangible. 

Someone shared the other night at a meeting about her morning meditation time. It was beautiful and it took time. A good chunk of time each morning. Reading, meditating, writing. She was nourishing herself spiritually. As I listened I realized that I am starving spiritually right now and i need to stop and feed my spiritual self. I read my daily reader at a stop light in the car, or while I wait for little one to come out to the car. Its not a focused concentrated time of filling my soul and getting in touch with my Higher Power. Its prayers on the fly. I couldnt run my marriage, my business, or any other relationship that way. Why do I think this spiritual relationship can be conducted on this level of thrown in bits of time and attention? This spiritual relationship that SUSTAINS me in so many ways...I can't afford to allow it to not be a priority. 

So I am focusing on my own morning time of connection. I am in with a pencil and paper. The old fasahioned way! Lol I read my daily readers and I pray. I light candles. Today I prayed for myself! I never do that...but today I said, "I need you God. Show me the way. Hold my hand, fill my heart, and show me my next step. Help me to deal in mercy with those I encounter." Because I have been irritable and discontent, overwhelmed, impatient, wanting everyone to do things my way, and mad when they don't. A real joy! Lol 

Im thinking a lot about these online communities that we build. They are wonderful in so many ways, and God knows I have made so many wonderful connections...people who share this journey with me, who understand my life on a very deep level because they are living it too. However, I am feeling like its time to focus on the people in my own community more. My family, my sponsees, my clients, I am working with our homeless community, my Alanon community. People I can touch and see and feel. 

So if Im not around as much, you will know why. Of course I might want to have a place to process everything too, so you never know. You might hear more from me! I've blogged a long time, and it has its ebbs and flows. It's also cheaper than therapy! Lol

Thank you to whoever still reads here. I appreciate you, your comments, this shared journey that we are on figuring out the affects (effects?) of addiction on our lives. My heart is so *for* every parent that reads here. This journey changes us at the deepest levels. You can know that you and your children are continuously in my prayers. Whether they be shot out while driving, or slowly meditated upon  while surrounded by my lit candles and coffee cup and my warm blanket...God hears them all the same. Your kids are loved and cared for and they are not alone, and neither are you. 

With love and prayers, 



My sweet landon on Halloween and with his momma. 4 months old on the 6th! Such a burst of joy! 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

When our daughters get hurt: #metoo

I have held onto this post for a couple weeks. Its hard to post this one...but here you have it. I always feel like shedding light on the dark takes away its power over us. I hope that is true here too. 

I am the mom of three intelligent, kind, beautiful, young women. Out of those three, two were able to join the millions of other young women who could post "me too" during the #metoo campaign on Facebook that followed the Harvey Weinstein scandal. 

Despite my efforts to protect and cherish their beautiful souls, they went out into the world and were harmed. The "me too" campaign brought all of that up again. For them, for me, for the dad. I cried and cried one night and apologized for not protecting them better. For not doing more when I did find out of their hurts. Both instances were unrelated, different times in their lives, but both girls, similarly begged me to keep quiet, to not do anything, to just let it pass....and to my horror and shame, I did. I was stuck in such an inner battle...wanting to punch and hurt these men who had brought harm to my girls, to scream and yell, call the police, and also wanting to protect and shield my girls, wanting to end their pain and embarrassment, and in the end I chose them....but was it the right choice? In the big picture, did I add to the harm done them? I don't know. What I do know is that I hurt for them so very much. I wish I had been stronger, known better, been more capable. 

We have had numerous conversations about all of this through out the years and really, we haven't come up with any real answers. I have made many amends over not knowing better what to do. What the Harvey Weinstein scandal shows us is that, sadly, tragically, WE AREN'T ALONE. We aren't alone in keeping secrets, we aren't alone in the shame and hiding and wanting to be invisible. And the denial.... "Let's act like this never happened." Just typing that makes my stomach clench and my eyes burn. 

When I started hearing about all of the women, strong, capable, professional, women who had kept their secret, who had felt shamed into silence... I knew that was exactly what my girls had done, and what I had done with the stories they had told me. The idea that someone had harmed them, been so utterly disrespectful of them, treated them in a manner with absolutely no regard for their well being, and that they....and I, had slipped away into the darkness of these secrets...when they had done nothing wrong...showed me the insidiousness of sexual abuse. The role reversals. If they had had a gun held to their heads and their purses stolen they would be seen as the victim. But having someone sexually violate and humiliate you is different.....there will be questions of whose at fault, if they did anything to bring it on, had they been drinking, what were they wearing... so they don't say anything, and in their silence the predator gains power and strength and feels indomitable. When in reality, it is the young women, far more than just my two, who are left to piece together their souls, their strength, their identity, and their pride, that have every right to feel strong and fierce and powerful and indomitable. 

Our sexuality is one of our most vulnerable aspects of our spirits. Contrary to what society tells us...which is a topic for another day LOL but  we invite people in to share in our sexual selves whom we trust, often times we love them, hopefully we at the very least care about them on some level, but the point is that WE opened the door and invited them in. Whoever they may be. When someone feels the freedom to break the door down and grab and take what they want, they have invaded and violated our most vulnerable inner places. Not just physically but emotionally, soulfully.....and its WRONG. It is so very very wrong and there are no excuses for such mistreatment of a fellow human being. 

This is a hurt that we had tucked away but has been brought back to the forefront for us....for that we can thank the brave women who spoke out about their abuser. Today we choose to look honestly at the circumstances and the pain they caused and acknowledge that yes, someone once mistreated these young women in some of the most painful ways....and it wasn't their fault. 


I wont share my girls stories here....those are for them to share if they choose to do so. What I have shared here is written with their permission. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Bearing the burdens of one another.....


This world! 

Being an empath, being a burden bearer, is a gift...sort of. No, it is. Really. Truly. Most of the time. Ok, all the time. Welllll, maybe just most of the time.

 Its also exhausting and if we aren't careful, it can lead to our wreckage too. Resentments, depression, hopelessness, anger, and eventually crashing into our beds only to come out to pee. 

I spent my first 40 years rushing around trying to manage other people's lives, averting crisis so they didn't have to feel any pain, constantly buffering and soothing, constructing happiness and an illusion of stability with all of my skills and resources, built up onto a tippy tilty foundation. And if I am going to really be honest, it was more about my own comfort than anyone else's. I dont like to see other's pain or discomfort. 

I have come a long long way in the "minding my own business" arena, but I still SEE all of the world's suffering, the discouragement, the fear, and these last few weeks have been full to the brim, to overflowing, with suffering. Peurto Rico, the hurricanes, earthquakes, the Las Vegas shooting, the California fires....whole neighborhoods flattened and charred, in my mom's group I hear DAILY of MULTIPLE overdose deaths. Such sadness and sorrow and grief. Such darkness. 

So I ask myself, what good is it if you see these things and they ruin you, send you into hibernation, make you feel weighted down and heavy? What good is it to possess the gift of bearing burdens and empathy and compassion if you are so debilitated by it you can barely lift your head? 

This morning my long long time best friend reminded me about God. Oh yeah, Him! I am astounded that I can muddle my way along for so many years of working an active program of recovery, a living breathing relationship with God, and STILL fall into the trap of thinking I have the answers to what ails the world. That I can somehow fix something for someone else. For years I have heard, "So and so has a God and its not you!" What?! When the going gets tough, my instinct is to fall back into old behaviors. Worrying, controlling, mind racing with ideas about how I can make things better, obsessing. I get a taste of how bitter that is, and THEN I begin to look to what I know provides relief. Surrender, letting go, trusting, waiting for direction. 

God has given some of us the gift of burden bearing, of walking alongside, of being companions during suffering, but not of fixing all that ails the world. Its too much, too vast. So what can we do? What can I do? For today, I am actively turning my cares and concerns over to the care of my Higher Power...the ultimate burden bearer. For Him to tend to and provide for and direct my steps and lead me where He wants me to be. He can tend to my leaning toward obsession. Practically speaking, I will donate clothes, toiletries, shoes, socks, money, food... I will do whatever I can. The difference is that I will work at accepting that I am just a part of a whole and all of the parts have something to offer. 

I can't fix the world. Not by myself at least. 😉



Take my yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and you shall find rest for your souls. "For my yoke is easy, and my load is light." Matt. 11: 29-30

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Jesus. Phillipians 4: 6-7


This hangs in my kitchen... this really is an ongoing theme in my life. Lol as God pries my fingers loose and says "I've got this." 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Las Vegas

The tragedy of the Las Vegas shooting has just been one thing too many for so many of us. It is *normal* that we are struggling to wrap our heads around this heinous event. These types of violence are not supposed to be a part of our civilized world. The horror of what we hear and see played out in front of us on computer, TV, and phone screens is too much for our brains and our hearts to assimilate. The instant information, the sounds, the sights, the reliving of the fear....Molly said, "Think of how afraid everyone must have been." Oh she is so my daughter.....I replied that we can spend hours tormenting ourselves going over what it must have been like for those who were there. To think of people running for their lives under gunfire in our freedom loving, mostly peaceful country (comparatively speaking) is aberrant.  It doesn't compute. Most of us baby boomers and younger have never lived in a war torn nation. Sadly, these bursts of mind numbing violence are becoming so much more common. I will not go into why, or how, or what can be done. I am purely getting my feelings out here and I invite you to do the same in the comment section.....but this is just us processing and grieving for what has been lost.

When 9-11 happened Little One was 6 months old and I looked at her and wondered what we had done bringing a fourth child into this world. Today I watched my daughter wonder those same sorts of thoughts...."we have always felt like we live in a safe area...but really its gotten to be a world where no where is safe, mom."

Yesterday, I was livid. Filled with rage. Swearing and angry. I felt ridiculous always spouting out about mercy, grace, and forgiveness....I felt so stupid for believing such simple concepts, that such simple heart conditions if we allow them to grow, can actually affect change in this world.
 I went to a meeting last night and I listened to everyone share. No one spoke of what had happened directly of course...but the topic was "what am I doing with what I have?" Someone shared about not being a victim in her circumstances and looking for and acknowledging her part. In a round about way, I heard what I needed to hear. When it was my turn to share I said, " I have no experience, strength and hope to share tonight. I am irritable and discontent. I am angry, so so very angry. Im tired of being powerless, tired of waiting for my girl to be alright, tired of not knowing if that will ever happen and having to just trust in a power greater than myself."  I was sick sick sick of all of it yesterday! The violence of yesterday was just the straw that broke this camels back.

As I have spent the last 24 hours thinking about what I heard in that meeting, while still unsettled, those words shared last night have helped to ground me. When my thoughts are whirling, I grab onto, "what am I doing with what I have?" "What is my part?" My part is to continue to be kind, to love extra extra right now. To NOT allow acts of violence to change my heart, to NOT let them win by wallowing in my anger and fear and sadness any longer than is absolutely necessary to process it, feel it, and move on.

A friend who lives in Las Vegas marked himself safe. When I went to look at that website, there were HUNDREDS of posts offering rooms in private homes to stay in while people come to visit family in the hospital, food, toiletries, rides to and from the hospital, "where can we donate blood?" I cry every time I talk about this....because THAT is the good, the merciful, the grace, the generous spirits, that also fill this world, even in the middle of tragedy. THAT is what I want to be a part of. So today, little by little I have been getting myself back on track. I have focused on "The Helpers" and not on the destroyers. I have prayed a lot. Give me strength, fill me with YOUR love and mercy for my fellow man, even the ugly awful ones. Heal my waning spirit so that I can be strong and continue to love even when its not easy.

Keep loving, keep extending grace, and mercy and lets not let evil win. My prayers are going up for the families affected by this tragedy, that they too can not allow bitterness and fear to take root in their spirits. That they can find healing and freedom from the evil that was laid over them like a thick blanket on Sunday night.

Always praying for us all......

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Self Sabotage

I think most of us here know that stopping the drug use is just the beginning. The very very beginning of healing. All of the broken parts are now left raw and exposed, nothing to numb that pain or confusion or chaos. Through out the years that we have been traveling this road, there has been a pattern of 3 steps forward, then a plummet. That has been the one pattern that I have come to count on. I hope for something different each and every time I see forward motion...but over and over again I have watched it play out the same way. Progress that suddenly becomes terrifying, painful and deeply uncomfortable, which then turns into frantic efforts to quickly dismantle the ground that has been covered and conquered.

I can only surmise that healing and living a healthy life and the expectations that that might just too much of a weight to stand under. Staying stuck feels safer, more comfortable, than forging on ahead toward the land of the living. The ferocity of this force, the depth of this pain is not lost on me. At all. Ever.

So this is what we battle today.....this fear, this anguish, this arduous process of healing, of making good choices that lead to new life, when in all truth....the old behaviors, the old choices are what are easiest and certainly most comfortable. Letting go of what has been known and all consuming for the past so many years...I wonder if this is possible. I wonder if we will one day get to the end of this journey with nothing to show for our fortitude and our efforts. Its a risk, that is for sure. It could go that way....but I think the dad and I agree, as long as she is breathing, there is hope for change.

I just finished reading (listening to) a book by Anne Lamott...Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy. Oh I encourage everyone to read this. Living in a place of mercy, grace, compassion, is not about what I am giving to others....its about how I can be ok in my own soul. I am not a happy person when I am holding onto resentments and calculating what is fair and keeping a tally sheet of rights and wrongs, deciding what other's if I know! I am far better off when I can let go of these frivolous indulgences of protecting myself and live openly and embrace the risk of being hurt or disappointed as a possibility, but not a probability. When I can leave setting people straight to God, and not my own best thinking.

I watch my girl and her choices are her own. I love her. I watch her battle her insides and her broken brain and all I can do is keep loving her, sending silent messages with my actions that she is worth loving. She is not lost to me or to the God that I serve....though she struggles. The poet Antonio Muchado said, "Anyone who moves forward, even just a little, is like Jesus walking on water." This is true....forward motion is often as miraculous as Jesus walking on water. Hanging on to that forward motion feels a little like it might be rising from the dead. Another miracle.

In Anne's mercy book she talks about broken people, including herself, receiving mercy. Story after story. Its beautiful. She is dear friends with Father Tom West, who just so happens to be one of my favorite recovery speakers. I went to a retreat several years ago, all by myself which was a big deal at the time, to hear him speak at a Catholic retreat center. Across the street was a silent convent. I was fascinated by that....these lovely women all living a life of silence in adoration of Jesus. Not for me.....but I sure admired them! Lol I wonder if they can write out their thoughts. I have to get everything....out. Thus this blog, as you all know.

Ok, we are off to begin a new week. May we all feel the blessings and security of knowing that none of us are alone in this journey of life.

Ok and a little spark of joy....he will be 3 months on Oct. 6. It goes so fast!