Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pay it forward....

So I need some help thinking up a real workable plan to do a blogger pay it forward event. I have part of an idea but not the real help me out my readers!

These are the parts of ideas that I have swirling around.....

1. That we put together a "recovery box" for the next person on the list.

2. "The List" will be a list of bloggers who would like to participate that include their first name or online alias, the name of their blog, and an email address.

3. What is tripping me up is everyone's privacy...I am thinking that only the next name on the list will be included in the box that is mailed away and then the recipient can email the next recipient and ask for their mailing address. Oh but wait....there is a glitch there. do we do this part? lol

4. What can go into the can write down phrases, quotes, scriptures, and include them. You can add a book that you have found encouraging, something that smells nice, a candle....anything that will bring some peace and comfort and serenity to the recipient.....something like chocolate would be totally acceptable.

5. You can fill it with things you make, or already have. No one has to spend anything other than on the shipping.

So please comment with your ideas, or email email is linked somewhere on here, along the right side, but please help me firm this up. Or give me a totally different way to throw this together! I am open to anything!! I think it would be so special for us to reach out to each other in a tangible way.

Much much love to all.....


Anonymous said...

I just think that is such a nice idea......

Lolly said...

How would one qualify for needing such a box? Is it an actual package that we would ship to someone? Would we all put something in that same the recipient would receive a box full of books or quotes or whatever from all of us? In order to be fair, does everyone have to take a turn paying for the shipping? I'll probably think up more questions later...but so far I'd love to be apart of it. Keep me posted.

Annette said...

Lolly, no one would need to qualify. Anyone would simply need to add their name to the list. And it wouldn't be one box. I would put together a box (think show box size) of treats and encouraging things and mail it off to the second person on the list, the second person would do the same and create their own box filled with encouraging gifts and mail it to the third person on the list....and on and on it would go. The box is to be filled with anything you feel would be nice to receive or that you feel "led" to give. There is no science or "rules" to it....other than if you decide to opt out to let us know, so I can pass on the info to the next person so that they can continue the gift giving. Thus each person mails their own box away....does that make sense?

Annette said...

And anonymous I hope you will email me and participate too! <3

SoberMomWrites said...

To make it easier I think we could limit it to one of those postal service boxes that has a flat rate. That way we know going in how much it will cost. If we have overseas members it might cost a bit more but would be SO much more interesting.

I like your idea of email addresses - people can even set up new gmail or yahoo accounts if they don't want to include their personal email. That said, this is going to take some trust on our parts because, at some point, we will be giving our mailing address so someone we may have never met. That's where the "opting out" part comes in.

For instance, if started it and my email was next on the list then you would email me and I would email back with my mailing address. Then I would email the next person for their address and so on. I think that would work right?

Finally, I think we should have to blog about what we receive within 24 hours of receiving it.

This is awesome Annette!!! I love the way your brain works!


Lori said...

I think this is a beautiful idea and I'm in too. Too tired to contribute any details at the moment, but I'll ponder it.

Pam said...

I'm sorry to be so late with this...busy times and all....but how about an "email box full".

You know I do get responses sometimes..rarely...but to get a email inbox full of wonderful uplifting love and encouragment would be awesome out of the blue. We would all need to do our research and read new blogs of those we haven't before.
This would not only uplift each other without monetary cost but with love!
We could have a list.
and each person would have a week assigned. Throughout that week...and yes we would know it was our week, but we would not know when or what to be looking for. we all would sent out emails or comments or poems, or beautiful pics, or whatever to that person by weeks end. And if we want the person can share all of their gifts on their blog or not.
Just a thought.