Thursday, September 7, 2017

Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie, for those of you who dont know, is a netflix series that you can instantly stream directly into your home for your entertaining "pleasure." I binge watched all 7 seasons in about a 2 week period of time. I dont even watch TV, but I heard about this from a friend and had to see for myself. It was like a book I couldn't put down. I stayed up too late after work watching episode after episode. I thought about getting home to watch more. I think watching TV on your phone is ridiculous, but I will admit, I was tempted to tune in when I was waiting in Dr. waiting rooms.

Nurse Jackie is an amazingly kind, bold, and compassionate nurse, but she is also secretly (at first) addicted to pain pills. As the seasons continue on her addiction spirals out of control in numerous ways. I think watching this for me, was like the years I used to watch Intervention. It's a form of going back to the scene of the accident and processing what has happened over and over again. I feel like it might be kind of sick...but I had to get to the end and I haven't stopped thinking about it and wishing there were more seasons so I could see how it all turns out!

It presented such a picture of how absolutely wonderful and gifted and talented those we love who are addicted can be, and then how absolutely awful they can be. The lying, the manipulation, the walking over other people, the stealing, but then on the flip side, the kind and compassionate care she would give to her patients. She had a heart for the underdog, for those who had nothing, for those who were broken, for the least of these among us... and she treated them like human beings. Whoever wrote it knew addiction intimately, from some direction.

I dont know that I would even recommend this to everyone to watch. It was a downer. Sad. I was glad to see it I can be free to go bed on time, and read books, and do what I want in the evenings. It grabbed me, thats for sure.

Watching Jackie treat the dirty, the hallucinating, the yukky, with respect and care, made me think of the time my girl was in treatment. She had a day pass and we went thrift store shopping. Outside of the big Goodwill was an older gentleman whose hair and beard were long and matted, his clothes were filthy, he was speaking garbled and disjointed sentences that made no sense. Gesturing with his hands, trying to get someone's attention. We all hurried past, including me, I am ashamed to say....we all, except for my girl....who stopped and listened and said, "I dont understand. Do you want a cigarette?" She handed him one and lit it for him and stood listening for a minute or so more as he rambled on and laughed and smiled. She gave him her time, she met him where he was at and when she walked away she smiled and told him to take care of himself. Oh my heart. There was my girl.

Ive told you about my mom making sandwiches to pass out to the homeless in downtown Oakland on her lunch hour. A single mom, sharing from her single income with those who had less than us. "There but for the grace of God go I, Annette." There is something about those who courageously look so closely at their own personal failures and character defects, encircling those who are still so lost into their humble awarenesses. They dont forget where they have come from, they know that things can change on a dime for them, they are humble and kind to those who are in need.

Anyway, Nurse at your own risk. She was wonderful and awful all rolled up into one human being.

Love to us all....


Birdie said...

We don't have that show on Canadian Netflix. Drat!

I am proud of your girl. A compassionate heart like her mother and grandmother. 💕

Mark Goodson said...

Wow. I'm allergic to such shows. i can't stop watching! It's usually best if I don't start. I'm waiting for The Walking Dead to kick back in on AMC soon.

Mary Christine said...

I've never seen it. But I probably would never decide to watch it. I don't find stories of addiction very entertaining. It causes PTSD.

Anonymous said...

Nurse Jackie has been on my list of shows I'd like to watch .. I think I have to move it higher in the list. Edie Falco is in recovery herself. I heard her talk about being sober on a talk show once. Her Wikipedia page mentions it also.

Hope we get to see a picture of Landon soon :)


Anonymous said...

I positively despise that phrase, there but for the grace of God go I. It assumes that the less fortunate are somehow not shown God's grace. It's a dividing statement.

A mom stood in a parent support group recently and uttered those words. Another mom returned with this statement, "Well, lucky you. I guess my family wasn't shown any grace. Our daughter is dead!"

It got ugly from there.

Annette said...

Oh Anonymous, I can only imagine how painful and infuriating hearing that must have been for that momma. I can see what you are saying....a dividing statement. I think my mom meant that statement as a head nod to the fact that she couldnt' make it on her own. She lived a life of suffering on many levels as the result of other people's addictions and her own and she was humbly so thankful for any health she was able to live in. Personally, I believe that God's grace is everywhere and available to everyone...we all have a free will though and are free to accept grace or continue on doing life on our own terms in our own ways. I also believe that when it comes to this current state of addiction that we are experiencing right now, it is incredibly multi-faceted. I know that in my own family, with my own child, there are many biological, physical, elements to her disease. There is also the spiritual aspects....her soul is sick. She would agree with that. There are no easy answers. I know that there are many people who want to be healthy as much as anyone can physically want it, yet they remain stuck. My girl among them. I am so sorry I offended you. Of course that is never my intention. Please, if you feel like it, I am available thorough