Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lets be light

I usually stay away from political posts, because I'm really not very good at them. I have my opinions but I would imagine that they are universal. Kindness, love one another, be respectful, every one deserves to be treated like a worthwhile human being and those who dont understand their own worth yet and behave inappropriately, well those ones, while definitely a challenge, well, I still believe that to be true to my own heart and my own belief system, I need to *see* them and be kind and generous in spirit with them. 
Today, this week, this beginning month of our new year, 2017 is shockingly filled with so much hate. Even the "good guys" are spewing out venom. It feels like everyone is so mad and ready to fight. Women are angry and fighting against one another, some people and groups are out there hoping that heroin addicts can be charged a bill if EMS has to come out to save them during an overdose. Some are hoping that if they can't pass a clean drug test they will lose all their services.
 It makes me think of during the Bible days...."Stone them, stone them, stone them!!" Mary Magdalene...standing surrounded by her "community," judging her, deciding her fate, wanting to stone her for her "sin." Her sin, which she did not participate in alone by the way. And Jesus coming and covering her in His love and acceptance and protection and forgiveness, and encouraging the stone throwers, "You who are without sin, you can be the one to throw the first stone." He began to infuse her with life with His gentle love, kindness, and grace. His love changed her heart, healed her wounds, and gave her her life back. 
Now I am not Jesus, or anywhere close....but there is something here for all of us to pay attention to. Kindness wins! Every single time. Anger, shaming, violence, touching one without permission (aka: pussy grabbing) blaming, bullying, forcing, pushing, all cause harm. This past week has proven that we ALL are capable of harming one another.
We, as the most powerful nation in the world were left with two very inadequate choices to be our country's leader. That does not take away our own personal responsibility to behave appropriately to our own consciences. Who are we? What is important to us? How can we work toward change and furthering a peaceful world where everyone's spiritual, physical, and emotional needs are being met. One person at the top does not change who I am or how I live my life. I still get to choose how I will treat my fellow human beings. I know that I know that I know that we can catch more flies with honey, we can be a vessel of healing and life if we walk truly to our own selves and seek wisdom from a power greater than ourselves....for me that would be God. I know that love and kindness heal scars and I know that I can share those freely with anyone I encounter, no matter what other holy hell is playing out around me. And I know that you can too. So lets do it. Lets be light. 
Love to all.....deep breath. 


notmyboy said...

Beautiful post, but i'm left wondering who the "good guys" are? I haven't met any when it comes to politics.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this post. I couldn't agree more. I've never been very interested in politics but this just seems so crazy to me anymore. No matter who is in office I find that my life doesn't change much. I try not to listen to the news very much any more. I watch a lot of cable re-runs ... love Modern Family, Everybody Loves Raymond and Law and Order :)

I don't always succeed but I really try to be kind to people. I especially make an effort when I'm calling any type of a customer service number. Maybe not justified, but I always feel like those people are not treated with common courtesy. Not much .. but it's my small contribution to civility.

I hope you and your family are doing well.


Grace-WorkinProgress said...

This too shall pass. We are all going to have to believe that things will settle but also we have to do our part to protect those that cannot protect themselves. The loving always take the passive approach but this time we have to peaceful but not passive.

Birdie said...

I've stepped away from Facebook because I don't like the person I am when I am on it.

Anonymous said...

Well said. You're better at political speeches than you think.

Mark Goodson said...

Love back to you too, Annette.

I also hate diving into the political. Totally not my style or desire to do that. But, when the hate is knocking down your door, I feel like I have to. I'm glad you posted this. It brightened my day!