Sunday, August 21, 2016

Losing my mind

Not really. Lol Well, maybe. I have so many ideas of what to write about.....until I sit down. Then they are gone. I have so much going on every single day I can barely keep track of everything. I think menopause is stealing my brain away which doesn't help anything. I'm sure I have an essential oil for this....I just need to take the time to apply it.

So you all know I live in the Ca. Sierra mountains. Im sure you have heard that we have had a drought for the past 5 years. This past winter, there was a lot of rain...and my conspiracy theorist friends think it's was due to geo-engineering....I don't have the time to think about those kinds of things, so I really don't know. I just know we had a wonderful wet winter in 2015/16. However, our trees are all dying. Through out the entire county. The bark beetle has come in like a plague and within days can kill a hundred foot Ponderosa Pine. We lost 7 trees from our little 2 acres.....but some of my neighbors have lost 32 trees, one lost 54...they will have to practically clear cut her property. When we go hiking we see huge swathes of dead trees across the lake. It's devastating. I have wondered what one does if they can't afford to have a tree service to come in and take down 54 huge towering trees.....that would be thousands of dollars. Who is prepared for a hit for that? I have a lovely picture, but am having trouble posting it for some reason. You can google "bark beetle infestation" images if you are interested. It is very sad.

I got a new car. I had driven my old Mercedes station wagon into the ground. It creaked and squeaked and the air conditioner didn't work anymore and it had 260,000 miles on it. We still have it... and I have to admit it, I miss driving it. Although one day a couple weeks go we had a heat wave....I was driving all around in the city in 108 degree weather and I was a lunatic. I was honking at people, and wanting them to hurry girl kept looking at me and finally said, "I've never seen you like this." Lol I am usually a very calm driver, nothing bothers me. We will get there when we get there. Not that day. I was Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. I texted the dad to complain to him and he immediately asked where I was and he would come and trade cars with me....forever if I wanted him to. Anyway, he heard of a dealership that had this amazing sale on we got a bare nothing car. No electric anything. Crank Windows, no power locks, no clicker, a stick shift, but it does have an air conditioner and Bluetooth and it only had 6 miles on it when we bought it. So I'm good to go now. I drive about 30-35,000 miles a year. I always said a broken air conditioner was a first world problem. I changed my mind.....well it is, but as Molly said, "Me not having an air conditioner in my car doesn't do one thing to fix the world's condition, so I'm going to always have one!" That's my girl!

School starts tomorrow for little one. We haven't gotten our books yet from our charter school so we are winging it. Doesn't that fill you with confidence?! Raising up the next generation! I have an old algebra book so she can do some review in that, we are reading to Kill a Mockingbird together, she can do some writing...I'm hoping she will want to write a blog, she will draw and we can study some artists, we can go on some field trips. She is taking ballet and Pilates, still teaching herself Japanese, and in a couple weeks her biology, algebra, and US History classes begin. She will be fine.

My girl and I went shopping yesterday for a dress for her to wear to the wedding next month. She can only last for a short time when out doing errands or shopping. I understand. It's like the world, the crowds, the visual and auditory stimulations, just breathing sometimes, is too much for her raw senses. So we plan short trips and I go into everything knowing we might have to cut things short and I might have to come back later by myself to finish. I feel like God's grace is all around me because I can do this and not be mad or irritated for the interruptions to my flow of accomplishing all that I feel is so crucial to accomplish. I can let all of that go and just do what we can, accept her efforts to come out with me at all, as enough for today. This is the hardest most difficult path of her life....and all I get to do is walk along with her so she's not alone. And keep my mouth shut. Lol

The wedding is going to be here in a month and a few days. Sweet Jesus. I have lots of little things to get done. It will happen.

Ok, that is my update for now. More as it occurs to me. Thank you for being here with me.


Cindy M said...

I agree with Molly! Use that air conditioner. I'm from way down south Louisiana and it is HOT here. No way to drive around without a/c. I would love to share this story of people's kindness with you. I live 1 hour from the flooding in Baton Rouge. My beautiful son lives there and he is thankfully safe. I have observed and been a tiny part of the relief efforts going on to help those who have been devastated by this catastrophe. It fills my heart with gratitude to see SO many people working together and loving one another during this tragedy. It is times like these when we truly see God's loving hand reach down and work through humans to demonstrate Christ's love and mercy. Just a little "feel good" story for you my dear friend. Always praying for you and all of us.����

Annette said...

Cindy, my son also lives in LA. I'm so glad that your son is alright. My son wasn't affected either, except for a lot of rain. It is so sad but I'm glad you have been able to see the good in humanity shining through. Those are the gifts during times of tragedy. ❤️

Mary Christine said...

The bark beetle infestation destroyed many thousands of pristine mountainsides here in Colorado. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Oh Annette, you do have a lot going on. This coming month too, will be very busy and go very fast. Your son's wedding will be here before you know it......Sorry to learn about the trees in your area. Where I live, we've experienced a drought. When I hike, I notice that our streams and ponds are full of blackish algae blooms and stagnant water. I hate to see it this way and worry about the wild life. Mother Nature is not happy.


Mark Goodson said...

Thanks for the update Annette. Have you ever thought of carrying a small journal around with you? When I lose or forget the things I want to write about it I go INSANE. I keep notes on my phone for it because the phone is the one thing I always have on me.
What a busy time for you. School is starting for me, only on the other side of the desk...aye yi yi.

Groundhog Girl said...

I love your posts whatever you bring to the table and sometimes the winding thought stream ones turn out the best. For me it's like reading a catch up from a friend who has interesting stuff to say about herself, the world around her, the world in general and issues close to home for me, kids, life balance, scattered thoughts, car problems and always my you and your girl are getting along. Each time I read about your relationship I always feel like I should try harder still with my own daughter. You are a model of excellent patient, loving, forgiving parenting and I always come away feeling inspired. Thanks Annette. Day 100 for me tomorrow.