Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Speaking of books....

Last week on one of our drives down to the clinic we stopped at some yard sales. One was an estate sale with a book room. We could fill a bag for 5.00...we spent a couple hours there and came away with 2 bags filled to the top. My girl found old antique classics, Shakespeare, lots of interesting and unique volumes of information and stories.

Today as I drove her home from the methadone clinic, she read out loud to me from one of her finds, the Kama Sutra. Those poor Indian Hindu women had to be proficient in so much to be considered as "women of society." Very interesting....in many different ways lol....but never, in my wildest imaginings could I make this stuff up! LOL

It's been a really good day today. Untraditional, odd, unexpected....but good, a day I will look back on and laugh about in my old age. I will take what I can get! 


2hope4 said...

beautiful post

Anonymous said...

what 2hope4 said ... there's nothing else to say but "beautiful post". It's amazing.