Saturday, April 16, 2016

Our walls protecting us from our worst fears.

A couple of days ago my girl and I went to an orientation meeting to be placed on a waiting list for a bed in a treatment facility. This post isn't about that's about a fellow momma that I met there in the waiting room.

We arrived at the same time, parked next to each other, all got out of the car at the same time, walked in together...her girl was in such bad shape. An adorable girl, obviously very addicted to meth. The mom marched on, stoically, not speaking, not smiling. I felt so bad for them. I tried to make eye contact with the mom, but she avoided looking in my direction. 

Finally our girls went into their meeting and both of us mom's were left to wait in the waiting room.  There was a man with a service dog and I talked to him for awhile about his dog and the training he went through with her. There was a little curly haired brunette girl waiting with her parents so we talked about curly hair and where did it come from....they didn't know. I told about our two red haired girls and how crazy it is that we get these unexpected surprises when giving birth. 

The mom focused on her book, never looking up, or entering into our small talk. I just had to connect with her. We obviously had so much in common and she was so sad. Or mad. Afraid....all of the above. I walked over and sat down next to her and asked her how old her daughter was. I figured if she didn't want to talk I would leave her be, but I had to try. I told her that her girl was so beautiful....she was. I could see it beyond the addiction. The mom looked at me skeptically. I said, "we parked next to each other and then walked in together. My girl is in the room with your daughter. It seems you and I are in the same boat." And I smiled. She warmed up, told me she is in Nar-anon for the past 2 years. "I am good." But she wouldn't let her eyes meet mine.

The office offered our girls bus passes to make it to their appointment....but here both of us mom's were, giving them rides. This mom explained that she felt she could offer this one thing....a ride. That ride showed me that despite her distance, she hadn't given up yet. She was still hoping, even though it hurt her heart to do so.

Finally, it was time to go....probably much to her relief! I rubbed her arm and told her that her girl would be in my prayers. And she is. I put her name right at the top of the list. This broken young woman who is seeking help, calling Salvation Armies, doing what she can in some very difficult circumstances, and whose momma is so afraid to feel or hope once again.

Praying for us all...


Birdie said...

I am so glad you reached out to her. Her heart is broken and she is hurting and afraid. She needed you today. Blessings to you, Annette for seeing through her pain.

Mark said...

Even in your time of trial, you show such amazing kindness Annette. I've been wondering how things with you and your daughter were going. You know how much of this process you can't control, but I can imagine it doesn't make any of it easier. My prayers are with you and your daughter, as your prayers are with that mother. -Mark

Anonymous said...


Beautiful post as usual. I learn so much from you. I will add this girl to my pray list also.