Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chasing Heroin

I watched a very sad, very informative, PBS Frontline documentary last night called Chasing Heroin.

I will warn you that there are some graphic injecting scenes that if you are watching with someone in early recovery, could be triggering. It was very hard to watch, but it was also very informative, explaining how this heroin epidemic began and built its momentum. I learned a lot about big pharma, Perdue who marketed OxyContin as a "non-addictive" pain killer, about how drs can prescribe all of the OxyContin they want, but can only prescribe 100 prescriptions for suboxone a year. Such a broken system that we are dealing with. 

The "professionals" hearts got me...they were kind people who recognized that this epidemic is not about people being "bad." They compared what we as a society are going through currently as comparable to the AIDS epidemic in the early 80's. 

Dr. Tom Mclellan, the former deputy drug czar, from the office of National Drug Control policy, shared how he was an "expert, surrounded by other "experts"....until his own son became affected by addiction. All of a sudden he didn't know what to do. Neither did his colleagues.  They had every resource in the world available to them....if they didn't know what to do, how would any of us regular parents know what to do?! 

I will tell you one thing...this is one surreal life that I am living. 
I'm always praying for us all though, 

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