Saturday, December 5, 2015

The End of Hitting Rock Bottom

I am sharing this article, The End of Hitting Rock Bottom, that really explains the CRAFT methodology so well. I hope you will read it. Susan Knade shares her own personal story with using the CRAFT tools with her daughter and it really is so powerful.

I know that it may seem to some that I am walking away from my Alanon convictions...I am not. The tools I received from working my Alanon program for the past 10 years have changed my life, forever. I love the 12 steps and what they have taught me. However, some of my own personal experiences over the past 4-5 years with my girl, and then being introduced to CRAFT this past year has confirmed what my heart has been saying for a long time.

I think it is so important to remember that Alanon was created by Lois W. for the WIVES of alcoholics. To be the parent of an IV poly-substance abuser is an entirely different experience. The potential for not only permanent damage, but death, is exponentially increased in this situation. Rock bottom is often the grave for kids in my daughter's situation. So I continue to work my Alanon program for myself...but I continue to learn the tools of CRAFT to be able to connect with my girl and keep the doors of communication and love and care open. The above article is a beautiful picture of what can happen when we think outside of our box of what recovery looks like.

Bless us all as we find our way to health and healing.....


Anonymous said...

Annette, thanks for your link to this article. My son has been struggling with addiction for over 15 years and I've never been able to buy into the "let them hit rock bottom" concept. I remember someone telling me to wait until he hits rock bottom and my response was that I couldn't do that ... his rock bottom might be a slab in a morgue. I'm going to have to look into CRAFT some more.

Thanks again, Mary

Lolly said...

I read the entire article. It really makes you think twice about that rock bottom scenario. Also it gave me some ideas to use with my own qualifier, even though he is not my child. I liked the part where you simply love them unconditionally back to wholeness. Loving an addict is so damn hard sometimes.