Friday, October 30, 2015

People need people

I know! I'm so talkative lately! Its my new schedule....I feel so free. I love having time to do the things that are important to me. Like laundry, cooking dinner, seeing friends, not being late everywhere I go.....

Anyway, I was reading out loud to a client and came across this portion that spoke so clearly to me about the need that we all have for other people in our lives. As much as we may want to, and as scary as it may be to open ourselves up to other people... it is a necessity. Not an option. Read on...

"See that big mound on the horizon? That's one of the high places on the island," said Jan. "Many people have settled there, from as early as the Iron Age, seeking a high place for safety. Yet climbing can also be treacherous. There will be many rocky hills on our journey together, and the rocks can be quite slippery. It will be essential for us to help each other as climb, and also as we cross the swampy bogs on the journey ahead."  As we moved onward, our voices joined in singing, "Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia."

I did alright at first, but at a steep place between two sharp rocks, I struggled to get my footing and started to slip. At that moment, a young woman behind me said, "Let me carry your bag for you!" What a relief it was to hand her the canvas bag in which I carried our two full water bottles! With her help, I made it to the top of the mound.

Later, when we came to a boggy place, a long legged man ahead of us leaped across. I'll never be able to make that jump! I thought. Then the man turned around and held his hand to help the rest of us make the long leap. Each time we came to a bog, first one man and then another and another reached out to offer the same help. Once I made a misstep and the swampy ground pulled the shoe right off my foot! Immediately, a man reached into the muck, pulled out my shoe and wiped it off with his handkerchief!

As we ascended the rocky hills, younger and better climbers reached back to pull others up. A wondrous thing happened as people offered, and others accepted, help. We who had been strangers in a strange land became a bonded band of pilgrims traveling together as one body. ~

In a lot of ways my journey with my girl has been my greatest teacher.....It has been confirmed many times in many ways, that I can't do life alone.

I need my family, my friends, my Alanon friends, my client's sweet selves give me something else to focus on besides my own worries. I need the kindness and care of other people in my life....and I NEED to be the giver of kindness and care and love to the people in my life. Even strangers.

Our kids can't get healthy alone.....and neither can we. At some point we come to a place of realizing that its more painful to remain isolated and not trusting that anyone will love us or not betray us in our most vulnerable spaces....than it is to open ourselves up and make ourselves available to take the risk. I can't think of a time when I have laid my broken soul bare that someone has trampled over me. Of course I do try to choose wisely who I will open up to.....but my sharing my need, my vulnerable spots, opens the door for others to share theirs. As Anne Lamott says.... "me too" is one of the most compassionate sentences on earth. Me too says, "You're not alone my friend."

Lets not be afraid to open ourselves up and let people in. Because we all have our burdens that we carry. Let's walk this path together.

God bless us all and give us courage.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!And thank you so much for answering my email. You gave me that feeling of "Me too" that you are talking about. And when you are a parent of a drug addict, that is huge!!! Feel very grateful that I found your blog site.