Saturday, September 19, 2015

Short Lived

I had a young man, a 30 year old young man, call me for help with his dying mom. He is her full time caregiver and said, "I just want to be her son. I just want to love her during these last weeks."

I couldn't say no.

I am only committing a few hours a week though and I brought other caregivers in with me. Yayyy me! Progress.

My plantar fasciitis....thank you for saying how awful it is. I never have health issues, and I rarely go to the dr. I had an appointment with a podiatrist scheduled for when I got back from my trip, for my big lump. When I went I wasn't going to bring up the heel because I felt like it was something that would just go away on its own. He x-rayed both feet though for some reason and asked what was bothering both of them. I said I was only coming in for the lump on my right foot, but since he brought it up, I told him about my heel pain. He drained the lump, gave me a shot of a steroid in there and ta da! Its all fixed! No more swelling or pain. Then we moved onto the left heel issue....he put me into a boot for 4-6 weeks and told me its an over use injury and I need to only be on my feet for up to 3 hours a day.

Me: "What? How do I live?! That is absolutely impossible!"

Dr: "Ok. Then you will continue to have pain and be limited in how active you can be."  

Me: "I promise to wear the boot and we will see."

Dr: "At least try to cut back on how long you are on your feet each day."

I felt so ridiculous walking out in that big cumbersome boot. Like a big drama queen....until my foot began to feel better. Now I happily wear it and I sit when I can and I even emailed him telling him that maybe he really does know a thing or two and thanked him.

On a more serious note....I have been thinking of the burdens so many of us carry. I am amazed at some of the stories I hear and that the mom is still able to smile, still is able to function, still has hope, still continues to put one foot in front of the other and begins a new day. Its super human, I tell you.



Anonymous said...

I have nasty plantar fasciitis that I got from being on my feet all day. A boot isn't an option for me because I have an active job, so the way I deal with it is by going barefoot as much as possible. And when I can't go barefoot, I wear those shoes with the toes in them.

Going barefoot strengthens those muscles by allowing the foot to be what it has evolved to be, which is a grabbing, scrunching, splaying, flexing appendage, and takes away a huge amount of the pain associated with the condition.

SoberMomWrites said...

I think you just experienced one of my God bricks. God telling you to sit down and be a little easier on yourself for a while.

Enjoy your boot. When I had mine I bedazzled it with rhinestones!!!


mary christine said...

Glad your doc has a plan. I hope you are able to follow it and get better.