Thursday, May 7, 2015

Who Knew...

Thank you for the kind words about yesterdays post. I know in my head that its not my fault. The other kids who were doing all of the same things as she was, have gone on and created lives for themselves that don't include the struggles that she battles each day. There are lots and lots of other factors, chains of events, that set things in motion for our kids, and sometimes it builds a momentum that gets away from you (them.) There are however things that I wish I had done differently. I just do and it just is what it is.

So yesterday was one of those days you wake up ready to jump through the hoops of your day, not really thinking about what you are doing. I have several hours off today and I was thinking about what my day held yesterday. I spent it with a WWII Navy Wave who translated Japanese code during the war. We watched a you tube video about Elinor Otto, the last *working* Rosie the Riveter who only quit this last year when they stopped building the Boeing C-17 planes she had been constructing since the 40's. My client told me about living in "cubicles with bunk beds" and going to work each day to translate this code. I asked her if she knew Japanese and she said, "No, none of us did. But we learned."

My second client for the day was also a WWII Navy Wave who had written her life story a few years ago. It was typewritten on a typewriter. In a few places were words penciled in, important facts that she had left out on her first run through. She told of her childhood, family tragedies that she survived and went on to live her life from. She told of her *many* adventures moving and visiting all over the United States, her many jobs through the years, including with Boeing aircraft. I wish I could share it here....for obvious privacy reasons I can't but it was such a delight to read. She is hilarious and sweet and loving and it is my privilege to work for both of these women who lived during such a historical time. I love hearing their stories.

As I was finishing my shift with my last client of the day, I got a call that one of my long time respite clients was close to passing and would I come. I headed down my mountain and I got to spend the last 10 minutes of this precious woman's life with she and her daughter, holding hands, talking to her and letting her know how loved she was, and what an honor it had been to call her a friend and that she wasn't alone, we were there with her as she walked toward her freedom from this broken body, this life.

What a day! Who knew all of the wonderful people I would get to serve through the years. People who have been a part of our history, who have contributed so many good and wonderful things to our society.

I am always struck by their resilience, by their toughness, and most of all by their humility. They did what needing doing. Whether they liked the job or not, whether it was rewarding or not, comfortable or no.....they carried on. They didn't expect anything other than an honest paycheck. I have met so many honorable people. Some rough, but still would have given me the shirt off of their back if they thought I needed it.

Who knew......
Feeling blessed. 

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amy said...

I loved your posts yesterday and today! I find myself letting regret get the best of me sometimes too. I'm so glad you got to have such a soul full day after feeling so sad. I think it shows you that you are important everywhere- not just for your family but for you just being you. You are such a gift to me! You inspire me and help me be a better person. This post helped me remember to look for reasons to be grateful. Now go for a walk! I command it! ;) xxxooo