Sunday, May 3, 2015


My old blogger friend Syd wrote about the wonderful relationships we share here in our blogger world. I really don't have much to say these days. I am so busy, and tired, and nothing has really changed with my girl. However, I can't manage to leave blogging altogether, because I do value these sweet "anonymous" friendships that I have made here. Thank you for being here and reading my little thoughts that I type out for the world to see.

I have been just moving forward as if on auto-pilot. The layers of my onion are being peeled back and I am being brought to a deeper understanding of my powerlessness of not just "my girls" life, but everyone's. I don't get to have a say or any control over other people... which is so very hard for me.

It means I get to just love and accept people as they are and not try to change them....despite all of my really good ideas. 

It means I have to focus on myself....boring.

Once I get my work schedule under control in the beginning of June, I plan on focusing on myself, by taking the time to cook and eat healthy foods, slow down and be present, to take my vitamins, to exercise, to take care of physical body, my emotional self, my spiritual self....all of which have been severely neglected while I have been busy saving the world. Ok ok,  just my little corner of the world.

Oh and I also want to paint the living room.

There have been some significant losses and troubles in our blogger community these past few weeks. Ron's wife Darlene received a scary dx, Cheryl from Through An Alanon Filter recently passed away, Kel at This Can't Be It lost her second child to this disease. These are people who have shared their lives here and I have read them for years. I feel these losses and fears. I care about these people. My prayers include many many of the people I have met here. Even in this nontraditional manner of friendship, we really do touch each others lives...and for that I am grateful. Thank you All for being brave enough to put yourselves out here so that we all can know that we aren't alone on this wild journey.

Bless those who are hurting right now God. Remind them deep in their spirits that they aren't alone.

With much love and gratitude.....


kel said...

Thank you Annette for your kinds thoughts and words, it really means more than I can say.

Syd said...

I'm glad that you are still here. We have seen many come and go in the blogging community. I want to stay connected so I continue, albeit at a much reduced effort. Life is good for me, and I have learned to focus on what I like to do and mind my own business. I suppose the fury to put everything out there to the world in the blog has quieted. I am in a comfortable place in my life and recovery. Sending love to you, dear Annette.

Dad and Mom said...

It really is amazing the bond we develop sharing our blogs.

Yes, I really do care. I know you do too. Thank You

mary christine said...

I am sorry to hear of these losses.

I haven't been blogging for a while, but I find I do miss the people - like you.

Cathy C. said...

I am with you Annette in spirit, closer than if we were physically present. You and these dear ones you've mentioned are very much in my heart and prayers.
i can't change any of the 'awfulness' in my life or yours but just by sharing that I care and reaching out I believe brings HOPE and shatters the aloneness, and this is the crying need everywhere in this seemingly out of control crazy life. Much love, Cathy, Downunder