Friday, March 6, 2015

HOA from hell

Currently our HOA is fighting like they all hate each other over what started as some proposed road changes to make our heavily forested neighborhood more fire safe. There is one road in and one road out....I am the last house at the end of that road.

I'm not even involved, but this has been so discouraging to me. Of all the things to push me to the edge...but this has been so disheartening. These board members and neighbors are professional, adult, grown ups, far more skilled in the world than I could ever hope to be. Some of them have lived here for 30+ years...but they are being so mean to each other. I think if this is how people who chose to move out of the city and leave all of its busy-ness for a simpler, slower, more peaceful life in the country handle their conflict....what the hell is the rest of the world like? It makes me want to hunker down in my house, isolate and avoid and pretend its not happening. I also want to scream...."I have REAL things to worry about!"

Whew.....ok, I got that out.

God bless the included.


Syd said...

Most HOA's are like this. That's why we live on a farm away from all the BS. Cannot stand the rules and regs and other crap that goes on. Don't people have better things to do? Good for you to stay out of it and maintain your serenity.

Mary Christine said...

I am on the HOA in my community. I do so because they get insane if left to their own devices. The latest brain storm they have is taking a tour of the hood and deciding who needs to paint their houses. Then sending them a notice giving them 10 days to get it done before we start fining them.

I got them to stop this insanity last night (at least for now). But not before I got really really really upset about it.

HOAs are very dangerous territory for people. I don't care how great they are at their careers or their families, they seem to lose their minds when trying to "defend their castles." I would think it would be worse for a mountain community where people have gone to "get away" from the problems of the city.