Thursday, January 8, 2015

My God Box

I posted about this same exact box several years back....I went and searched for that post and read what I had written there. I placed your children's photos in my box when you gave them to me....they are all still there safe and sound. Some of those parents don't blog anymore, some have lost their child to this disease, some are still around occasionally, some have kids, like mine, who are still in very active addiction. Just know that where ever you are, where ever your child is, I still hold this box in my hands each day and hand everything over to God for His care and love to surround. I pray that each of those precious faces and the spirits attached to them, will eventually find their way to a Higher Power who is patiently waiting for them to allow Him to walk beside them and show them the way.

Someone commented on my last post that they wanted to hear more about my God box....

An artist friend made this box and I bought it at one of her shows several years ago. I place my concerns, my the form of photographs or written little scraps of notes, into my God box. For me its a symbolic way of letting go and turning them over to my Higher Power. Once I place them in my God box, I don't have to carry those cares and concerns with me anymore. I light a candle while I pray, only to make it a special time....different from any other time, to honor those I am praying for and the One I am praying to.

Letting go, surrendering the determination to do everything my own way, learning how to be still, how to wait and let things unfold, acknowledging that I may not know what is best and that its ok to not have the answers, have been life changing, life giving, lessons for me. It is safe to say that my God box was the beginning of those lessons. Placing things inside of that box and letting go of any control over them was my first step to learning how to live a life of trust vs. frantic efforts at control. My God box opened the door to my first days of living in freedom. Freedom that had been swirling all around me just waiting for me to grab a hold of it and let it carry me where it would. To the unknown land of sanity and peace and serenity....and when I lose my way, because I still do occasionally, I know what to do to find my way back. The land of crazy is no longer a comfortable dwelling place for me. Thank all that is holy!

Much much love to all of us who are finding our way the best we know how to. Our HP see's our efforts and honors them.



Liz said...

I absolutely love this and I am going to start my own God box too! God Bless you for sharing!
Also, I would really love to send you a pic of my daughter for yours. How should I go about doing that?

SoberMomWrites said...

This is lovely. I think of a journal a friend gave me with my favorite Bible verse on it as my God box. I write all kinds of things in there for God and me to discuss.

It's a beautiful reminder that there are people all over who love and care about me.


Annette said...

Liz, email me and I will give you my address so you can mail me a photo or you can email me a picture and I will print it and add it to my box. I thought of you while I wrote this... and how I would love to include your beautiful girl in my box. I think of her often. And you too... <3

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thing you do. You are a soul full of light. Blessings to you for that.

Tori said...

Awe Annette I have a surrender to God box - It is so awesome and helpful. I love that you put pictures of other kids in there what a great idea.