Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Red Chair Travels

Today I read an article about the travels of a red chair. You can read their blog at the link I provided. My first thoughts were...

"This is so stupid." And, "What a waste of time." And then this, "There are REAL problems in the world, for God's sake!"

Because contrary to what y'all think, I'm not always nice. I have a judgmental streak that I have to hold in check. Shocking, I know.

As I kept reading I began to see that maybe this was "just" a FUN project. Maybe that was the worth here. It was fun and it was connecting people all over our nation. In our world filled with endless troubles like Ebola concerns, and ISIS, and war, and killing, and religious persecution, and lost kids, maybe something so simple as following the travels of a red chair around the U.S. could be a respite from all of those heavy burdens. Maybe something simple and innocent can be a pleasant distraction. My biggest idea of all was that maybe its OK to allow one's self to BE distracted. Maybe its ok to look away for just a minute and enjoy what you see there.

Besides the red chair has visited some awesome places. It travels between Inn and B&B owners all around the United States and they commit to take the chair to some interesting spots and then pass him along. It reminds me of the Flat Stanley project one of the kids did.....they mailed this little flat Stanley guy along with a story of his adventures here in our area to another far away homeschool group. We took pictures of him at the Gold Discovery Park and the apple orchards and then mailed him away. Then we could track his journey and see what other adventures he went on.

Oh gosh....what if we started some kind of parent/recovery/encouragement/just for today...mailing project?!!! Ok, I have to think about this some more! Wouldn't that be so awesome to hear from your blogger friends through the mail and receive something real, tangible, to hang onto for a minute, add a touch of your own, and then mail it on to the next person? That was a stream of consciousness moment... the wheels are turning! 

Please God, give us strength.....


Syd said...

It sounds like a neat idea to me. A few years ago a few bloggers did the pay it forward thing. And we sent gifts to those who wanted them. It was a neat idea. I think a little distraction from all the stuff going on in the world is a good thing.

SoberMomWrites said...

OMG OMG OMG I LOVE this idea!!! Yes yes yes.

Okay...I'm excited...we can see that.

Anyway I also wanted to say thank goodness that you have that not so nice streak in you because I have one too and now we know we're both human and fallible. I don't like to admit to mine very often so thanks for doing that little piece of dirty work for the both of us. ;-)

Keep me posted on the project. Mail...won't it be nice to get real mail again?


Laura said...

Flat Stanley was my favorite book when I was young! Thank you for reminding me! You should look into geocaching. There are trackables in geocaching! It's amazing watching their travels. I currently own a trackable that I put into a geocache in Indiana a little over a year ago. It is currently in Colorado! It has a destination goal. It's making it's way to the Excalibur in Las Vegas! Those little things that can bring a smile and take us away from our reality.

Tori said...

What a great idea!

Beth Colt said...

Love your blog post about the Red Chair! The sharing part is what makes the Red Chair meaningful to me. Thanks so much for writing about it here!

--Beth Colt, Woods Hole Inn

(first stop of the Red Chair's travels:)