Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Just do it.....

We called Teen Challenge yesterday, on an information gathering mission. I had them on speaker and my girl sat next to me. She shared a little bit of her story and why she felt she needed their program....then I asked about medications. "We don't allow any medications. We believe that God has the power to heal them of any and all ailments."


I said, "Ok. I can understand that. I hear what you are saying, but that is a scary leap to make." No anti-depressants, nothing for anxiety, and certainly no Suboxone. I asked about vitamins....those are a  no-go also.

Let me start with....I DO believe in the healing power of God. I really do. But I also believe in a process. I believe that process is different for every person. I believe that there are many Christians who take medications for all sorts of ailments and they are NOT out of God's will for their lives. I believe in walking along someone in their process....gently and in love. Working toward a goal. Of course the argument could be made that that method has not been very successful for us...but its still what I believe. I think that we all have the responsibility of responding to our process too. 

We would need to have a Dr. wean my girl off of all prescribed medications prior to entering treatment. Does God heal her as she crosses over the threshold of their doorway? What if that doesn't happen and she started sinking into a depression......would they pray for her revival as she hung from the closet rail?

I explained that her mental health issues were the pre-cursor to her drug use. There is a long family history of mental health issues with depression and anxiety. "We believe in the healing power of God."

After we got off the phone, I felt like, "Ok thats not it. Thats not the answer." I also felt like, its time for her to decide to just do it. She doesn't need another program. She is IN a program right now. She knows recovery, she needs to APPLY the principles of recovery in her life. If she wants to be clean then she needs to do what it takes to make that happen. In my new book The Privileged Addicts he talks a lot about doing the right thing. Again and again and again and it began to change him.  "Something mystical (spiritual) happened." As he chose he was given the tools he needed to do each day. I believe that.....we are given what we need when we need it. Its those initial choices, those first steps toward something new that are so hard and so terrifying.

Somehow, these ideas, these awareness's feel so simple and so right to me and I feel ok about it all. Relieved. I work my program. I do what I need to do to the best of my ability every day to live a clean and honest life, a surrendered life. That is my little plot to tend. Thats it. Thats all I get to dig around in.

God show us the way......


Birdie said...

I find that all or nothing "trust in God" terrifying. If you slip up it is YOUR fault because YOU did not listen to God's voice and obey. I spent a few years in a church like that and when my daughter was born with what was thought to be a genetic disease it was MY fault because I had sin in my life.

Now I know better.

God is all consuming love. He has given us so many blessings and one of those many things is vaccines. Do you know how many people would be dead if it were not for vaccines? They same goes for so many medications. Yes, some are abused but I thank my God for vaccines. My children have never had Whooping cough or measles or smallpox. So if God can be thanked for those I will also give him thanks for the Zoloft I take. I would be dead without it, I have little doubt. Your beautiful daughter deserves all that is available to help he through this.

I continue to pray for your girl and you.

Tori said...

I am reading his book too!!!! I just started but it is exactly what I needed to read right now.

I don't think B needs another rehab. He knows what to do. He has to want it and he just isn't there yet.

Sheri said...

It's funny, Kevin and I had a conversation when he called me Monday. He said mom, I think there just comes a point where the person says "I've had enough". That is what he feels is happening with him. Easy to say when you're incarcerated but I do see change in him and feel a difference in his words, both verbal and written. I think that they carry all those program "teachings" as they continue their journey but perhaps it is not until they are ready that they really use the tools.

Annette said...

Birdie, EXACTLY! If it didn't work it would be her fault, not enough faith, stepped out of God's will....I have seen that stuff in action for most of my life and have worked so hard to come out from underneath that!

Tori, I am so glad you are reading the book too.

Sheri, I think you are right. It sounds like your son is experiencing his own light bulb moments. Its such a painful process to watch....but when they begin to see the light, its miraculous!

n bloom said...

I also believe in the healing power of God. I pray every day for God to heal my son and other addicts I know. God continually responds to those prayers in a variety of ways. He has sent awesome people into my son's life to guide him. He has sent doctors who compassionately treated him with medication. He has sent therapists that helped him navigate life without judging. He has sent nurses that celebrate clean drug screens as if my son were their own. He has guided us towards books, and websites, and blogs that lifted us up on this journey. I'm glad you are trusting your instincts, Annette. I believe that inner voice is the voice of God.

SoberMomWrites said...

Once upon a time there was a man whose town was ravaged by flood waters. The man climbed on the roof to get away from the rising water.

A boat came to save him. He refused stating, "God will save me."

A second boat arrived. Again he refused stating, "God will save me."

Still a THIRD boat arrived and again he refused stating, emphatically this time, "GOD will SAVE me!"

The waters rose and he drowned.

When he got to heaven he asked God, "Why didn't you save me?"

To which God replied, "I sent you three boats!"

I think we have to be aware of God's gifts and use them for our good. I believe that one of those are physicians and chemists who discover new and different things about our bodies and new and different medications to help us.



Hattie Heaton said...

We feel that he has the tools. We will help with detox if he needs it and a week or two of a recovery house but then he decides. Right now, he's on his own.

Dad and Mom said...

"Just do it" a title of a blog and a recovery path. Now whether you seek counseling help, use other medicine like suboxone, methadone, go to meeting, rehabs, or cold turkey in a basement the JUST DO IT must be in her head and she must be prepared to leave her life and past behind.

She must make that decision for herself, no amount of coercion can put her in that place.

It comes do to whatever works and whatever works for her.

We learned with Alex we could support but most important we had to get out of his way enough for him to make it happen for himself.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Methadone has helped my girl keep off heroine. She is still not clean of crack. I got the same answers from teen challenge. There is a six month therapeutic community in seacacus nj called integrity house. The son of a friend of mine is court ordered there. Seems good so far. They allow suboxone and methadone. Anna

Her Big Sad said...

We hit that same roadblock. A while ago, my daughter decided she would not go, because they would not let her take psych meds. But they did admit they'd have let her use insulin, were she diabetic. Sigh.

I'm still praying and reading, Annette. Go give your hubby a hug, and that way you'll get one too.... from me! Love, hugs and prayers, Joy

Syd said...

I believe in biology and physiology and that some brain chemicals are not in balance. I believe that medicines given by specialists can help people. I believe that an alcoholic/addict has to participate in recovery. I believe that you are doing the right thing by letting your girl figure some stuff out.

Signe said...

I also believe in trusting God. I also believe that God works through people and it's kind of challenging God to not let Him work though other people. We're supposed to help each other and I think God is that interconnecting life line for us all. I like what the author of the book you're reading said about doing the right thing and the spiritual help. Even though life may still be stressful, you still sound as though you are in a strong, good place, personally.

Laura said...

I'm late to the party, but just wanted to let you know that Teen Challenge does work for those who want to work with it. A lot of those programs require you to get off all mind-altering substances whether it's medicinal or otherwise. They want to work on cleaning up the addiction, then work on the other medical issues that persist. I know it seems extreme and I agree that some people need medicines, but they have as good results as any. It's a choice for all involved.

God bless you all with the choices that are ahead of you.