Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pope Francis

I am not Catholic so have never really given much thought to the pope. However at work on Thursday, my client's mom had on a recorded show of 60 minutes and there was a big segment about Pope Francis that we all sat and watched.

What a humble regular man. I think he is speaking to the world through his normality and his humility. There was a portion where he went into a youth detention center and washed the feet of the troubled kids. It was beautiful and it made me cry. He chooses to take the bus with the other priests when they travel together, he drives a regular car or rides in a regular car rather than using a limousine. It reminds me of the pastor of a church we used to go to....I showed up during  the week one day, unexpectedly, and found him pulling a bucket and a mop out of one of the bathrooms.....he had been cleaning.

What if we all lived in humility and forgiveness with one another, letting go of our conflicts and our need to prove that we are right or that we have been wronged? I am as guilty as anyone of those things....but what if. What if none of us felt above a chore or an act of service? The interviewer was speaking with the popes good friend, a rabbi, and asked about why the pope always wants to be clear that he is a sinner, "the chief of all sinners?" "To show the world that they are not alone in their sin and that Christ came to forgive us our trespasses."

I am just fascinated with this man who is in a position to shine a message of humility and Christ's love so brightly....even to those who least deserve it but are in need it the most. All of us.

Last night at my meeting we talked about Concept 4... "participation is the key to harmony."  When I really think of what that means its remarkable. Participate, don't isolate. When we all work together there is more harmony than when one person carries the full load alone.

I thought of when I was a parents as you know were alcoholics. They isolated and drank. They had no friends, they didn't entertain, they just stayed home and drank. That is what was modeled to me. Of course in my quest to do it differently, I became the Rachel Ray ( I could never aspire to be Martha Stewart!) of our little entertainment world. When the kids were little, our house was the hub of all things fun and crafty and yummy. There were always extra kids around and those were wonderful years for me. I loved it!

Then addiction began to weave its way through our family and we began to do what I knew to do....isolate. We have hidden out at home. It is beautiful here and it is our sanctuary, but I don't feel free to share it with my friends. I don't have the energy nor have I wanted to risk revealing *us,* the real us, to everyone.

I think in the spirit of tending to my own life, that is something I am going to begin to work on. I have had 6 days of making really healthy food choices. I had a bite of little one's Easter chocolate last night, but only one bite....not the whole damned rabbit which is a good chunk of progress. I have attended meetings all week. I am working on doing what I can for myself. I realized that the bottom line is that I am very afraid of the choices we may have to make pertaining to our girl. It all looks so impossible to me....but God is limitless.

I spent this morning planting some flowers in pots for the deck. We are under water restrictions because of a dry I am not planting veggies this year. I will buy from the farmers mkt. I will use a watering can filled with recycled water when I can and water my pots. I bought a lovely succulent basket that hangs on the wall....I just couldn't resist it.

When I look at my life and I look at some of the things going on in the world, I realize that I have so much to be grateful for. I have been following the S. Korean ferry tragedy. Just devastating. Those poor families, the vice principal who felt so responsible. : (

There is still room for miracles in our situation and for that I am grateful. In the mean time I will watch my flowers grow and try to keep the succulents alive.

God bless us all.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I see Pope Francis as a humble servant leader, as well an embodiment of Al-Anon's Tradition Two: "...Our leaders are but trusted servants --they do not govern."

nomoresally said...

I love every word of this post. Thank you so much for writing it. What a wonderful way to start Easter Sunday.

Syd said...

Pope Francis is a really humble person. I think is going to do some remarkable things for the church.

And your flowers look nice.

I tend to isolate too. That is something that I have to work on.

SoberMomWrites said...

I'm what is commonly referred to as a lapsed Catholic, however I don't think of myself in any other way. Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.

I'll admit that I never thought very much of the papacy...lots of pomp and circumstances and POLITICS! None of which are my definition of holy. But this one? He may just succeed in bringing me back...we'll see.

Inspired by you I'm back on a healthy eating path. I'm determined to feel better both physically and emotionally and I'm sure that will come with better food choices.

Still praying..take care my friend,

Tori said...

Beautiful post! I am not Catholic either---although T is in a Catholic school but I have always been very impressed with Pope Francis. He doesn't even have to try (or at least it looks that way) but he connects with so many people.

Love your basket.

Mary Christine said...

I tend to retreat back into my own home too. Every year that is on my list of resolutions or hopes for the new year, that I will go forth into the world.

Liz said...

Loved your post.. God bless you too Annette. I also retreat - it's really the only way I can handle things sometimes. I just haven't wanted to face people. Eveyone knows about my daughters situation and you can just feel their pity! Uggh, can't stand it. Lately, I've been going out more and socializing with my dear girlfriends and family.. It feels good. I am blessed in so many ways! Love your flowers!