Monday, March 24, 2014

7 dogs as our companions

We are currently stepping around 7 dogs. Here is the run down.....

Maizy: German shepherd/golden retriever mix that little one acquired from a shelter about 4 years ago. She started out at 8 weeks old with issues....growled over her food, doesn't like other female dogs.....but with us she is very sweet. She lives her life on our property in her controlled environment. We have taken her hiking a few times but she can never be off leash because we can't trust her to not fight with another dog. She has never actually gotten into a fight, but will growl and show us the potential is there.

Jake: A big beautiful red nose pitbull. I found him wandering around one of our 2 lane roads. We tried desperately to find his owner, but no one came forward. While I searched for a home for him, the dad would insist that we did a "home check." I started calling him Tia Torres. Nothing met the Dad's standards. He was so worried someone would try to turn him into a fighting dog "and he wouldn't know what to do!"  Finally one day he said, "He's just staying here. He's made a family here with us." He quickly became "ours." He is so sweet and has never shown any aggression to anyone or anything. If anything he wants us to protect him!

Rosie: A little poodly shelter dog that my girl and I drove 3 hours one way to pick up from a rescue as the tiniest little puppy. It was after my girl's very first stint in rehab in 2007 and we *thought* that the responsibility of something to take care of might help keep her on track. So silly. Rosie is so sweet though. I could tell a hundred "Rosie stories" of her loyalty and her place in this family. And I am sure she has some stories she could tell too.

Ruby: a year old shitzu/chi mix that was Molly's until she tore the carpet into shreds in her apartment.

Annie: a 10 month old Maltese that is Ruby's side kick. Or Ruby is her sidekick is more accurate. Annie is all personality and Ruby is a polite little lady who sits next to us and watches Annie's crazy antics and looks up at us like, "Can you believe how immature she is?!" Annie was also part of Molly's leap into adulthood. When she realized she couldn't manage working full time, school, and keeping her apt in tact with Ruby and Annie, she sought out a rescue to take them. Her dad, THE dad, said to me...."They wouldn't be so bad to have around, don't you think?" So here they are and they are a lot of work to have around, but the dad handles it all, and cheerfully for the most part. He teaches "the girls" tricks and is just so happy to see them learn. lol

Layla: Is about a 2 year old mut (lab, pit, mastiff, cattle dog??) that belongs to big brother who is away on a business trip. She will chase a ball for hours if we will throw it. Little one is being paid 10.00 a day to play with Layla and her sidekick Darby.

Darby: a boxer mix whose previous owners were awful...used scissors to crop her tail and left it about 4 inches it constantly looks like a little erect penis wagging around on her behind. Layla and Darby will be us for about 10 days while big brother is away.....I have told him being single with 2 big dogs to take care of while you work all day and live in an apt is too much. However after watching my  big tatted, shaved head, cage fighting son say his goodbyes when I picked them up I know now that they are here for good. "Goodbye girls. I will see you soon. you are going to grand-ma's house. Play nice. I love you both. I'll be back soon." It was so cute. He has called several times to check on them and said that maybe we will even have to face-time. lol He had a big Rubbermaid tub packed with their blankets, their toys, a tub of peanut butter for their kongs, 60lbs of food which I can't fathom us needing all of that for 10 days, but it made him feel better knowing they would not run out.

It has been funny watching everyone show the other's their position. Even quiet little Ruby will grab her toys and shake them around and she's saying, "Don't forget I was here first!"

So our days are FILLED with juggling all of these dogs around. Because of Maizy's issues she cant be out while the others are out. But everyone else gets along and they run over our 2 acres like maniacs. Its so fun to watch their joy.

Thats it from me....lots going on but nothing to talk about really. I'm still only working a little bit. I keep turning jobs away. I just don't want to commit to anything right now. I will regret it eventually I am sure. But I see such a difference in little one with me being at home. She is happy. We sit down to do her homework each night together. The dad said, "I think you center her." To think that I have the ability to center anyone is quite humbling!

I hope everyone is well and finding their way the best they can each day. Much love going out to each of you.


Birdie said...

Oh my goodness! That is a lot of dogs! Do they all get along? Do you take them for walks at the same time?

There will always be something to regret no matter what decisions we make. ;-)

notmyboy said...

HOARDER!!! haha Just kidding. I love dogs.

Glad you are finding some moments of calm. I'm guessing you can center most people.

mary christine said...

Wow! That's a lot of dogs! What a blessing you are to all those strays.