Friday, November 29, 2013

Highlights of our day of gratitude

 Ok, I made this cake, AND I ate a warm piece with vanilla ice cream. Yes, I admit it, I ate alcoholically yesterday...and I'm feeling disgusting today because of it! Sugar, butter, cream....nothing was off limits! While I was cooking everything I kept thinking, I have never used so much butter in my life! Usually I think I at least try to use substitutes and make a healthier form....but this year I didn't. God only knows what craziness got into me.

The dad and I just watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix about 2 overweight men who did a 60 day juicing "reboot" to their systems. Both had amazing stories...but the dad and I are now formulating our plan.

Thanksgiving was so was relaxed, filled with an abundance of everything. When it was time to eat, we all held hands and the dad asked me to say the prayer....I did. I got going thanking God that we all were there together (a miracle in many ways) and then started to ask that He would continue to speak to our spirits to show us His will for us each day, and that we would choose to carry it out....but I didn't make it that far. I was quiet for a second (everyone was wondering if I lost my train of thought....what does THAT tell you?!) then my voice cracked....and little one promptly announced, "Oh its ok. Its jut cuz she's not taking her depression pills anymore and she's been really emotional." LOL  Which is true....but I finally was able to choke out the rest of the prayer, while my family laughed and teased (good really was a classic Annette move) and my girl stood with her arm around me, "Awwww mom."

And no family picture to post here....In every single one I looked like a crazed Janis Joplin! (and since its my blog, I'm the one that matters!)  I think it was the heat from all of the hair was just a frizzy catastrophe all over my head!  Molly and gbf (gentle boyfriend) had me take "awkward family photos" of them that were funny.
Notice the dogs, Annie (black and white) and Ruby (black gremlin?) Well apparently they ripped up the carpet in their apt and they don't feel that they can care for them properly anymore and were talking to a dog rescue about taking them. The dad played with them for the whole visit and then looked at me and said, "They wouldn't be too bad to have around, don't you think?" So guess where they now reside?  We already have 3 dogs.....but whats a couple more tiny ones?

So the day is over. The food is put away. The big kids are all filtering their way home over the next day or so. One major holiday down, one to go!

I hope all of you had a blessed time. I hope that even in the turmoil and sad stuff, you could find some rest and some serenity and some beauty in the day. Our day wasn't perfect....but it was good enough for me. Love covers a lot.




beachteacher said...

OMG Annette - how cute is Laurel's comment ? They always blow our cover - don't they ? AND--- geez-- your cake looks amaaazintg ! I'm assuming it tastes as good as it looks . Sounds like you had a beautiful day, & Im so happy to read that. ( other than the movie part -- how'd you guys watch that on Thanksgiving ? ). And the dogs, to love your hubby on that. Mine is currently whining for a puppy for Christmas-- true story. Not going to happen with me at work during the day though. I lean much more toward a rescue.
So glad you had a good holiday. 😊

Mary Christine said...

Sounds like a beautiful Thanksgiving.

I consider any Thanksgiving meal without at LEAST a pound of butter to be a failure! It's only one day.

Mrs D said...

Wow that cake looks amazing. Love this post. Happy thanksgiving to you.

Signe said...

It sounds like such a wonderful day, Annette! So peaceful. And that cake does look delicious!

SoberMomWrites said...

You know I want that recipe right?

Syd said...

So glad that it was a good day and that you took the dogs. You are wonderful. That cake looks spectacular!