Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Ok, I am going to tell you all something so awful. Something stinks in our house. We have checked everywhere, behind the dishwasher, crawled around under the house with flashlights, we have flipped the couch all around and vacuumed everything everywhere, we have emptied cabinets....finally the dad found some of our heating duct work and insulation had been torn up. Do you see where this is going? There was a big hole and we think something crawled in there and died. Did I mention that one of the cat's is missing too? Our big black Bagheera that my girl snuck home 12 years ago, in the backseat of the car that I was driving. She picked him up in front of the grocery store and wrapped him in her sweatshirt and away we went. We found out about the new addition to the family the next day.

So this weekend, the dad is going to systematically take down each section of the duct work and clean it out. Somehow....I don't know what all this entails, but my God.....we are living with the smell of death swirling around us.

I keep burning candles and incense trying to mask the stench. Its a disgusting mix.

This is the kind of stuff that we/I just don't have the energy for. But it has to be taken care of. Obviously we have no choice....it MUST be dealt with. Its one of those things that I just stand here and wish so much that it wasn't happening.

Other miscellaneous happenings....little one and I went and saw our girl on Sunday. We had such a nice visit. We went to the movies and saw Gravity....cheesy, but the computerized graphics were amazing, if your into that sort of thing. Both of the girls are, I'm not. When we left each other I thought of how it was such a "normal" visit. She met us part way, we had some great conversations, she looked beautiful....her skin is clear, her eyes are shining and vibrant, she has meat on her bones. She told me that the nerves are regenerating in her arms and they ache deep inside. Her monthly cycle has come back, after not having it for more than a year. She has physical symptoms of healing. Her body is restoring itself. We talked about the constant battle with depression and what she can do, of fresh sobriety and how managing in the world in comfort, will take time.

Someone was being mean to little one at school. I have never had to deal with bullying. At the risk of being "that mother" and much to her mortification, I talked to her teacher. He is a young guy that is big brother's age. He is a red head like little one and he calls her "junior." He was so great and let me know that the issue was not an isolated incident. There had been other problems and he assured me he would take care of it....and then he did. Then he spoke to little one and let her know it was solved and if anything happened again that made her uncomfortable she could, she should, come and tell him "because you don't have to put up with that and its my job to make sure its not continuing."

Work is in an upheaval. Two clients are actively considering moving their parents into a facility. If both go at the same time, I will be virtually unemployed. It will be a large chunk of my income....I have two families waiting for me to have time open up so that I can come and care for their parents. However both of my current clients want to do a trial run... which means they may be back, or they may not be back. I have a Hospice client who will inevitably need more care within the next few weeks....so I am wanting to keep some time open for her too. For now I am not trying to figure it all out. I am letting it all unfold as it will and trusting that God knows our needs, knows my clients needs, and His timing is perfect....if I end up with no work, maybe that is what needs to happen right now. I am gone so much and I always hate that. I feel like my life has been out of balance, especially this past month. So we will see what opens up.

Ok bless you all.....


Mary Christine said...

ick, about the cat.

You ARE the mother, so be the warrior mother if someone is picking on your kid! That's what I say anyway.

Glad the girl is doing well. It is a wonderful thing to see life come back into our children's eyes.

Mary Christine said...

ick, about the cat.

You ARE the mother, so be the warrior mother if someone is picking on your kid! That's what I say anyway.

Glad the girl is doing well. It is a wonderful thing to see life come back into our children's eyes.

kristi said...

Schools do not tolerate bullying so good for you for saying something! New follower of your blog!

Hattie Heaton said...

Sorry about the dead critter. Put out a bowl of white vinegar. It will absorb the odor better than anything. We do it at the clinic all the time and believe me, there is a wide variety of offensive smells there. So wonderful hearing good things about H. I never tire of hearing good news of others. I need the hope.

Signe said...

Ferretting out that 'dead smell' is something I can relate to. It happened with a mouse here. Eventually, the smell went away. Later, when moving the frig to put in a new floor, there was the little petrified body. You did the same thing with the bully. Something smelled bad and you found the source. You are a good mom.

Syd said...

Did you find out what the smell was? I hope that the cat is okay. We sometimes get flying squirrels that get into the attic through minute openings. I put glue boards down and have to check them every few days.