Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Food, books, and happiness

I finished my Whole 30 and I am glad I did it. I lost 8 lbs and I detoxed off of refined sugar, wheat and grains, and dairy. I made a few allowances for myself to make life bearable....I allowed myself to have cream in my coffee, feta cheese in my salad, and diet coke....because quite frankly, life is too short to deprive ourselves of every edible pleasure. The one thing that I really would like to delete from my diet would be the diet really is so bad for us.

I am figuring out what my eating plan will be now that I am done. I don't see it being this strict forever. I thought maybe I could....but no. Low carb/high protein? My fear with that is my cholesterol going through the roof. All of my numbers are excellent right now and I want to keep them that way. The word "balance" keeps going through my mind....I am always seeking balance in every area of my life....why would it be any different with my food intake? I don't think it would be. I am thinking that the issue isn't so much *what* I am eating as how much, why, when. Too much food in-take, of any sort, is a symptom of something being off kilter in my life...if I am comforting myself with food, if I am using food as a mode of entertainment, numbing myself with eating....then I am in dangerous territory, whether I am gorging on grapes or chocolate. So back to the drawing board for me....until I figure it out, I want to be aware of why I am eating, am I eating something that will nourish my body, or is it being used as a coping mechanism to avoid what I am really feeling? Am I really even hungry?

Exercise is a key for me to being healthy and I have not been exercising very much at all. I know that I NEED to be active and vigorously so. Concentrated exercise....not just being busy. I REALLY need to get moving again!

Remember my vow to read something for fun.....well I started the book "Unsaid" by Neil Abrams on my Audible account. Really good, about a vet who dies of cancer. LOL a real tear jerker...but its been on my "to read" list forever. Its just a redeeming educational value what so ever.

I am feeling happy. I don't know if its the progesterone cream I am slathering over all of my "soft skin areas," or if its that all 4 kids are doing relatively well all at the same time right now, or that the dad and I are comfortable and enjoying each other, work is good, or that I finished my Whole 30!! or what? I am not going to try to figure it out, or try to make it last... I am just going to enjoy it while its here.

Bless us all......

PS: I've been thinking about part 3 of my spiritual journey. Coming soon!


Tori said...

Congratulations on finishing the whole 30! I looked it up because I thought I would join you and then I quietly backed out! lol I just bought medifast and started it Monday. I have cheated to be honest but I needed to revisit portion control which is my biggest problem. If one cookie is good clearly 5 would be better! At least I am very conscience now of how much I am eating which to my dismay is far less than I am used to. Even when I have cheated though it has been very small portion. I also have a diet coke issue - I have cut down to two a day and switched to sevia diet coke or is it zevia? Anyway, it is supposed to be much better for you and soon I will eliminate that. So proud of you! What a great accomplishment and how nice to have all your beautiful kids doing well!

notmyboy said...

What helped me quit the Diet Coke (and all diet soda) was to picture the can as a can of toxic chemicals...nothing anyone would want to drink. I started calling it poison. (who would willingly drink poison?)

It helped. Four years plus later and I haven't touched a drop. By calling it poison for so long, my kids don't touch it either...and they were teens, which is a miracle in itself for them to quite soda.

Mary Christine said...

What a bunch of great stuff! You sound so happy!

Hattie Heaton said...


So happy for you all. I like so much to see someone who has done the hard work see results. With addiction it feels as if no matter what you do results may or may not come. You are a hopeful girl and I need your story right now.

SoberMomWrites said...

Just enjoy it!!! So glad you learned some things from the Whole30 experience. Me too.

I so get you with the "why" of eating. Loved what you said about gorging whether it's grapes or really doesn't matter.

I've got to untangle that particular web also because one is never enough for me.


Anna said...

I am glad to hear that you are doing better.

Mrs. Dubose said...

Feeling happy?! Imagine that!

What a good day!

Signe said...

I loved this. I agree, balance in everything. I think portion size, timing (not eating after 6 in the evening if you can help it)exercise is the key. I have also found that you can do all of the right things but if the unhealthy stress is present, that seems to supersede everything, causing nothing to work. So, spiritual strength is also a factor. What I liked most, though, is that you don't sound stressed. You sound healthy and hopeful. How wonderful it all is!

Syd said...

Good for you, Annette. I am glad for you. You will get back to hiking and the exercise soon enough. But the 8 lbs. gone is great.

amy said...

I'm just starting my spiritual journey. I look forward to reading about yours. Congrats on the Whole30. I quit right off this time.(I did it for 27 days 2 weeks after I got sober and quit smoking. What a crazy person.) I seem to be concentrating on food instead of nourishment- hence the spirituality thing. I always enjoy reading what you write even though I never comment! I'm fixing that now! :)