Wednesday, August 21, 2013

God's grace....

Since my spiritual journey has everything to do with God's grace in my life, I want to link you to this beautiful blog post. Its written by Diana Keough and its being shared on my new hero Therese Borchard's blog. She is the author of Beyond Blue....the book I read that I simply adored for its realness and honesty in regards to mental illness and addiction.

This post addresses grace being available to the broken among us, and most of all to each of us as individuals. If we are honest, we are all broken in one way or another and we all need to find forgiveness and to be able to bestow forgiveness and to be taught how to let go. I could relate to so much of this essay. I hope you will read it too.


Signe said...

Powerful. Thanks for sharing that.

Addiction-A Mothers Perspective said...

Thanks for sharing. A perfect example of God's amazing grace.