Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My computer programmer

I know....your hearing so much from me! You can tell I am on one of my locked away jobs where I have down time each day. I have the whole morning here. I walk, exercise, and read and write blogs until 11 when I get my client up and out of bed and ready for her day.

So today, going along with yesterday's homeschooling post, I wanted to tell you a little bit of my son's story. Its actually quite remarkable. I don't share his life here very often because he is a private person, like his dad....but he would be ok with me sharing this part of his story.

When he was about 10 we got our first home computer....that was a big deal back in the 90's. People were just beginning to have computers in their homes. We didn't have the internet at first because that was just too much, it seemed very big brotherish to me LOL. However, it wasn't long before we had dial up internet. I think we had to unplug the phone and then plug the internet cable in and you would get a busy signal if you called our house. Gosh, how things have changed.

This boy of ours was just fascinated by the computer. He immediately began teaching himself this and that....I don't know what. I was just worried he would be watching porn on it so I was constantly peeking in the room. I had read all the material on monitoring what our kids were doing online and time limits for computer usage so they didn't become zombies. It just seemed like something else for me to control...ha!

Soon that all blew over though and he pretty much had free reign on the computer....one night, he was probably 11 or 12 by this time, he sat up all night teaching himself HTML code and I was so worried. I felt like this wasn't healthy, it was obsessive, he was being consumed.

I look back now and I think....oh to have such problems! He also played baseball, soccer and basketball on teams and had a lot of friends....so really it wasn't as bad as I was imagining it to be.

By the time he was 14 he had created his own webpage design business. He had some paying clients and some clients who bartered with him. Remember he was being homeschooled so he had time to invest in all of these ventures. At 17 one of his webpage clients invited him to come to L.A. for a big sports conference and event. He got a paid room, entrance to the event, time to meet and greet with athletes and managers and show his wares.We let he and his best friend fly off to L.A....alone, like grown ups!

He had graduated early from high school at 16 so he worked and went to some junior college classes and worked on computers and just kept teaching himself more and more. He kept his webpage design business going over the years....he used it for school credit, he used it on resumes and he made a lot of great connections with people. He got into Brazilian Jujitsu and was making webpages for some fighters during this time.

This whole time I just thought, "Oh, how neat. He has a hobby." Shows how much I know. It also shows that anything he accomplished, he did without my help.

Fast forward to today.....he's 26 and he got a job at a casino in the IT dept about 8 months ago and has quickly been promoted to senior programmer. When he is asked where he went to school....mouths hang open when he shares that he never went to school. He had a couple years of public high school where he went to play baseball. His junior year he asked if I would homeschool him again, which I agreed to, and he did 2 years in one and finished. He then went to a community college for maybe 3 semesters.

I have this remarkable young man in my life. He is kind, smart, loves his crazy family...how lucky am I?! He took little one camping and I just got a photo of her holding up a rope with all the fish she caught. He taught her how to gut them and she is thrilled. He is my hiking buddy and my greatest encourager when it comes to getting fit.

I love this kid. I love them all, but today he gets the spotlight here in my bloggerland.



Anonymous said...

what a beautiful, loving post...BEAUTIFUL...thank you, marcy

Tiny little reveries said...

Wow, I admire smart people! I work with programmers and it takes a special skill and stick-to-it-iveness to do what they do. It's not easy speaking Computer language. You must be a proud mama!

Signe said...

What an amazing story, Annette! What an amazing person he is! You should be very proud of him. His story is inspirational.

Sheri said...

:-) :-) :-) That is all!!!!

SoberMomWrites said...

I knew we were related!!!

My son did the SAME EXACT thing (except I didn't home school). We got a computer when he was about 10 and now he's in college for computer science. The problem is, he's bored because most of the time he knows more than the instructors and it's all self-taught!

I'm going to send the link to this post to him so he can see that it is possible to be successful in this realm and that it's okay to keep looking for a full time job. I just want him to be happy.

Oh...and I checked for porn often. Then I recruited him to safeguard the computer for his brothers to protect them from the...um...less than "normal" porn sites. The others I just gave up on...can't fight city hall when you have boys.