Friday, June 7, 2013

Hospitals and Institutions

Next week I am meeting with someone from our communities mental health dept. to get Alanon meetings into our local locked mental health ward. Usually the patients are there for anywhere from 72 hours to 2 weeks. So the goal is to mainly share an awareness that there is a free program available to them within the community, to support them in learning new ways to take care of themselves.

I am already prepping myself....."you are just sharing information, not curing the world of all that ails it." lol Down girl!

My girl is hanging in there. I think the dad is planning on offering a little road trip to the hot springs today. A hot soak in a mineral bath sounds good. Probably for the both of them. lol I think this was part of God's perfect plan that I was out of the picture for the week. I have had total peace and am eternally grateful that I wasn't at home for all of this. I get in the way of the dad participating, because I am always in the middle of it all, telling everyone what to do. Truth be told. I think our girl will never forget this week....the week her dad dropped everything to stay home with her while she went through a very painful detox. I know him....he knows how to stand back and respect her privacy and give her her space, far better than I do. I am sure they worked together very well through all of this. I hear that the worst of it is over....just drained of all energy, lots of sleeping, and eating more.

Its another fresh start. No guarantees.

Today is my last day on my paid vacation. It has been so nice. I have another one coming up in about a week. They just have a regular coffee pot at that house though. lol

I am meeting a potential client today and thinking of making a huge change. Well its not that huge really, it just feels huge. When I take on a client, I plan on staying until they pass away. Its hard on them once they build a relationship to lose their I am in it for the long haul. Unless its just impossible of course. But I do try to choose carefully who I will work for. I am thinking of quitting a job right now. I have never quit a job, nor have I ever been fired. I have a client right now who is SO challenging. Its not just me, its everyone, his family, his other caregivers. I am wrestling with when do my feelings of obligation and commitment take a back seat to my own comfort, my own serenity, my stress level. Typical co-dependent stuff. I hate it!

Praying for God's infinite wisdom in all that I do.


Anonymous said...

God bless your precious girl and dad, too! It's such a hard thing to watch but this is a new beginning and that is a beautiful, beautiful thing!

Praying for you all,


Tiny little reveries said...

Your hubby is a saint! I just read your "while I was away" post too. Boy, us moms are the center of it all aren't we? And yet...while we're away, everybody manages, even thrives. I'm praying for your girl. Praying for her to be strong and for you and your family too.

Annette said...

Oh no, no saints around here. Trust me! lol He's a good man though and stuff like this makes me love him even more.

Signe said...

I am so envious, right now Annette. What a perfect example of how a father should be with his daughter. Two summers ago I decided to call my daughter's father for help (because I couldn't do it alone anymore) and during her worst moment, his suggestion was to 'punch her in the face' because that would snap her out of it. You are so blessed.

Laura said...

I'm learning when it's right to detach from whatever isn't healthy for my mind, spirit and soul. Continue to seek Him for your answers. It's awesome to see how your family is walking through these days and praying your girl makes this the last detox she ever has to go through. Hugs and love to you.

Syd said...

Annette, I was thinking the other day about how I wish you were closer because an elderly couple near here is really needing a good caregiver. I can tell how committed you are to your patients. The elderly person you are writing about who is difficult reminds me of my FIL.

We do have "hospital"Al-Anon here and each group takes a turn. Sometimes no one shows up and other times there are a few people there. Good luck with it. I think that it is a good thing to start.

Mary Christine said...

I'll be interested to hear how the idea of an alanon meeting at the hospital goes.

Praying for your daughter.