Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Does anyone know anything about Ibogaine therapy? I know its illegal in America, and its very costly....but I am curious, is it a real solution to opiate addiction? What are the cure rate statistics? Or is it all just a lot of hype? 



Mary LA said...

It is legal and used in a number of rehab centres in South Africa, Some results have been good but I don't know any reliable research has been done into recovery rates.

notmyboy said...

HYPE! When my son was actively using, he used to beg me to send him to Mexico or a Caribbean country to get Ibogaine. He made me watch video after video on youtube. Later, when he was sober, he confessed that it is a load of crap, and just another excuse to get high.
Sadly, there are no quick fixes.

Pammie said...

Hmmm i don't know about it. Of course there are lots of ways to detox off opiates and every other kind of drug. It's the staying off that's the issue for everyone I know, including myself.