Monday, April 29, 2013

Some mental health links

 Thank you so much to my reader who sent me the first 3 links here....more ways to reach out for help. More people to connect with. 

Facebook "YES I CAN" page

Mental Earth

Depression and Bipolar Support Forums

NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill)

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

I am happy and content once again. I have felt a little bipolar myself this week as I was so depressed, no motivation, no interest, just wanting to stay home and sit on the couch. Then a few days of working outside and my gosh, I am a new woman! I wish it was that simple for everyone!

My girl has worked with me part of the time which has been nice. Planting and gardening is one thing that seems to bring that girl some peace. We have planted, weeded, the dad built two giant garden boxes for me (in addition to the other two that he re-built last weekend. Yes, he is my hero!) We live on a hill (so stupid...never again if we ever move!) so yesterday we terraced off a couple sections on our back sunny hillside (the only non-shaded spot on our property) and put them down. We filled them with good rich soil and our sprouts are almost big enough to graduate to their big box soon. It feels so good to be outside and getting things put together. Doing what I can where I can.

I am still battling losing that 10 lbs I gained over the winter....I think its now 9lbs! Whoo hoo! lol However, I am noticing that as my depression has lifted my motivation surrounding food is back too. I want to eat healthy and I don't have the attitude of "screw it." I have stopped lifting all weights too... maybe once a week I add that in, but thats not enough and I am a flabby middle aged woman once again. lol

The good news is that I have only gained the 10 lbs back. I haven't outgrown my new skinny clothes...although one pair of capris is a tad too tight for my comfort. I can still walk for miles and do several times a week, I can run for sections of the walk, I am eating very healthy *most* of the time, and my weights are sitting right there in the living room waiting for me to start using them again. I can at any given moment. I am free to do that.

The dad joined a weight loss pool at work and of course within 2 weeks is visibly thinner. He is doing the P-90 workouts....great stuff. I have done them a few times with him....I stopped though. I explained that I don't like jumping around the living room with him. Our living room is on the second story of our house and I feel like the house is going to collapse first of all. Second of all my workouts are calm and quiet with music playing or a book on my iphone. No one shouting from the TV "Come on, lift those legs, feel that burn, come on you can do it! Keep up!" Yeah...not my thing. The exercises are great though. So I incorporate them into my weekly burst of weights and cross training.

I am off to do more work in my yard today and later little one and I will be painting her paper mache snapper turtle that is traveling down the Mississippi River on our map. Story to follow. Its all set up to be a good day.

I hope each of you have a good one too....
And yes, I'm still praying. Always praying for our kids. 


Pammie said...

I'm so very proud of you, and at least for "this day" I have received some motivation from reading this. You know me though, tomorrow I might be on a whole different path. LOL
You look gorgeous!!

Signe said...

I giggled throughout this post. I'm not sure if you intended it to be funny, but it was. Maybe not so much funny as light. And I loved, "It's all set up to be a good day." That should be on a poster somewhere. Makes me think that each night we should plan the next day so that it is all set up to be a good day. Thank you for this. :)

Syd said...

I have P90X and like it, although Tony is a bit much at times.