Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sunshine is good for the soul....

I will admit that I have never put much weight in the weather affecting our emotions. Ok, I was wrong. We are having sunny weather in the 70's and I have walked 16 miles in 3 days in a tank top and my capri spandex.

 I keep thinking I look like one of those, "what I think I look/what I really look like" pictures on Facebook! lol It felt SO good though, I really didn't care! It has been glorious, filling me up!

I have been researching a wheat free/low carb diet. I will say here that I can't do it. I can't eliminate an entire food group from my diet. One reason being I am not in any way disciplined enough. Second reason being I have a strong feeling that for me, moderation is key, in EVERY area of my life. It is so like me to go all in one direction...whatever it may be. Helping people, giving money, cleaning, doing yard work, or an eating plan... so in respecting the big picture for me, I think I need to stick with my lessons on moderation and balance that I have been working through and building my life upon for the past few years.

So its back to WW online and exercising. I have learned the value in cutting down on carbs though and will be including that. What amazes me is how little I really know about much of anything! lol When I was little, I was raised on eating fast food or TV dinners in the little foil containers. Loads of fried chicken with a glob of something white they said was mashed potatoes. My mom worked full time, wasn't domestic, my dad was in and out and both were alcoholics. So TV dinners it was. I managed to make it to 48 years old and not understand what a carbohydrate really was, or that it broke down and converted into sugar in our bodies. I thought potatoes were nutritious.... especially if they weren't fried! lol

I have a little sign with a quote on it that hangs outside by my front door that says, "I am still learning" ~ Michelangelo

That holds very true for me.

Hoping everyone is well....I am figuring each day out as they come.


Summer said...

You mean potatoes aren't nutritious? ;) The pictures made me laugh out loud...oh, how I can relate to that, lol.

Good luck with WW or whichever plan you go with. I think you've got the right idea though, moderation is the key. The hard part is executing that. At least that seems to be what gets me into trouble.

Signe said...

That picture you chose made me laugh out loud. How many times I've left the house feeling great about what I look like, only to walk in front of a mirror in the store, shocked, not recognizing myself and then exclaiming in my brain, "I left the house looking like this?" Your writing sounded energized. :)