Monday, March 25, 2013

On a lighter note.....

Welcome to the family Ruby Ann.....(Ann is after her 

 Molly and her Love adopted little Ruby, an 8 week old Chihuahua/Shitzhu mix. Chishitzu, Shihuahua, Shitzhua? She's so cute and what was more fun was going shopping with Molly to get her "supplies." Molly carried "the baby" while I carried the goods. My arms were loaded with bed, bowls, baby blanket...I felt so silly. You know when you see the daughter carrying the newborn and the grandma trotting along behind carrying all of the new purchases with a big smile on her face...that was me, only it was a puppy!

The dad and I were saying when our family gets together for holidays it will be all of us and all of their dogs. I think with ours and the kids we are up to 6....four big and two little.

Good practice for when the real babies begin to arrive. Thats what I say!

the proud mama.


Signe said...

I never thought I'd love a little dog as much as I do, but they're so fun! She's so cute! Also, your daughter has the most amazing eyes! I'm glad you had a day just enjoying. :)

Sheri said...

Shes cute and your daughter is beautiful like her mama!

Syd said...

Such a cute puppy! Glad that your daughter has the puppy too.