Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Like everything else in my life.....

I am being reminded that manageable increments of time, amounts of exercise, what I put in my mouth... are all doable when I focus on the here and now.

I walked today for a little over an hour, 4 miles. It wasn't super fast, it wasn't this huge strenuous walk that kicked my butt...but I got outside and I moved. I have made good food choices all day (so far.) So today is a good day.

I kept thinking back to what I was doing last summer....walking miles and miles for up to 3 hours a day, running, exercising a lot, stringently (obsessively/legalistically) following my eating plan, and as I thought about *then*....it made *now* feel like less than, like a failure, like its not good enough.

I reminded myself that I started in a very different place than I am now, 1 year ago this month. I have managed to hang on to some progress. About 40lbs worth. My goal is to keep working at it, but I can't let yesterday convince me that today is not enough, or else I won't have the strength to keep going. Today is enough...all by itself. All that I accomplish today is wonderful! Its something. Its progress.



Signe said...

Self-acceptance is a mile stone on the walk of life. I have never understood why it is such a hard goal to accomplish, but it looks as though you are crossing the finish line with this one. Hopefully, I'll catch up to you one day. :)

Syd said...

Just doing those miles today is good. And as you do more of those walks, the other will follow. Baby steps are okay.

Number 9 said...

i need to start walking again and eating better. i have totally let myself go. :( you've inspired me.