Saturday, March 16, 2013

Depression and Bi-polar Support Alliance

I went to my "crazy people class" as we have lovingly begun calling it...and we were referred to the Depression and Bi-polar Support Alliance website.

What a wealth of information. We particularly appreciated the "personal wellness tool tab." The mood journals are an invaluable tool. Every week when I go to class I hear something either in the lecture or from the other parents that validates what we are going through.What we have been going through for the past 11 years.

Something as simple as making a phone call can take several days of thinking and procrastinating. Sending an email can take weeks. Taking real action of any sort is a long process of thinking, obsessing, forgetting, being reminded and starting the process all over me it seems to take forever to make any sort of real progress. I learned that this was a commonality that we all shared! Our kids are stuck, frozen in their heads.

I have always thought, "Just do it. Call. Say something. DO something, take some action." I am learning that its not that simple.

I am beginning to understand that this is going to be a long process. Stopping drugs is only one part of our journey. Learning how to maintain daily mental and physical health in a manageable, incremental manner that nurtures independence for our girl is the newest goal. Figuring out what our part is and what she can realistically manage at this point is tricky. I am so grateful that I have years in my Alanon program that have laid a foundation of detaching, minding my own business, giving my family members the dignity to manage their own lives....without that foundation, I can only imagine the mess I could make of this.

Let's keep praying!

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Signe said...

As I was reading this, when you were writing about, "something as simple as making a phone call..." I thought, yes, I can relate to that. It is hard. I didn't realize you were writing about those with the mental illness. I thought it was about those involved with persons with mental illness. Maybe it works that way for both? I sounds as though you and your daughter are making progress. I'm so happy for you and her, even if the progress is tiny and slow.