Monday, February 18, 2013


R.I.P Mindy
Another beautiful and troubled celebrity is gone. I have read about Mindy's dramas for years now....I am sad she chose to end her life. That her demons felt like too much to overcome.

My sweet little client put on a Lifetime movie last night called Bringing Ashley Home. It was the story of Libba Phillips, the founder of Outpost for Hope,  and her search for her mentally ill and drug addicted sister. Through her journey Libba has found a faith in God and is helping to change missing person laws, help families find their missing loved ones, and most of all saving the children of the mentally ill, drug addicted, unnoticed, and homeless population. You can read more about the "missing missing" here.

There are so many people who are viewed as not worth saving, I think of my brother....a mentally ill drug addict, he receives services from the state.The city he lives in is filled with resources for him....but I offer nothing. I have nothing to give him and in all honesty, if he disappeared, he would be a nameless body in the morgue until his case manager figured out what had happened to him.  I would get a call asking me what to do with his body. I selfishly, feel like I can't take on another sick person. I call and talk to him on the phone. If I can't track him down, I call his case manager and he updates me. I pray for him. But thats it. He's been at it for 30 years.

All I can think to do to feel better is to help in some way. I think feeling better is behind most co-dependents desperate actions. WE want to feel better!

This is a depressing post.....Sorry. I'm posting it anyway, because these are real issues. There was so much I could relate to in the movie last night as far as the privacy walls a family hits. You are shut out at every turn. I think of Linnea Lomax....her family hit the same obstacles and their daughter is gone now. There has to be a way to respect privacy but save those who are truly ill and can't make decisions for themselves.... there just has to be. At least something better than what we are doing now.



dawn said...

Interesting, I have been contemplating this issue of HIPPA laws, rules, regulations,,, and how to intervene when lives are at risk.

I do beleive we have so many rules instilled upon us that we are not permitted to use good common sense combined with rich life experience.

btw, you found a lovely photo there - she hasn't looked that good in some of her recent pics.

Have a fabulous week Annette

Tori said...

I was channel surfing and saw that but it didn't specify what it was about. I will make sure I watch it next time.

My heart sank when I heard about Mindy. I read that when she was pregnant she took an enormous about of pills to try to kill herself.

My heart aches for her babies, but she has battled this so, so long. May she now finally rest.

Syd said...

Very sad but many people simply lose hope and have nothing left. I wonder sometimes if it isn't simply their time to go. I suppose we will never know those answers.

Signe said...

I don't think it's selfish to be worn out and exhausted from taking care of people, to not be able to care for one more person. It's a human and very valid place to be. Mindy's story is so sad to me. How desperate she must have felt. I'm glad you wrote about her.

Lisa Adamski said...

Sometimes what has worked for me is to share my information with the provider, if I feel the provider will be open to that. I know they can't talk to me, but I can talk to them. Sometimes that helps. I would like to see some kind of "middle road" in sharing information for kids who are over 17 but still in great need of parental guidance and involvement.