Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Images of kindness.....

Today in my comings and goings I saw multiple messages of kindness. On my walking trail, someone placed this pine twig into the fence... a simple act of beauty for those who would pass by in the coming days. To me it said that someone who cares had been there. Someone who appreciates beauty, and who is sensitive to show simple acts of kindness. To reach out and bless some unknown me!

 I passed this handmade sign posted on a two lane road that leads into town. Encouraging those who pass each day on their way in to "do life" to unleash their joy. To share it with those around them, touch someone's soul each day if you can.

 A rock cairn sends the message...this way home, to safety, to people who care, a refuge. You are not alone.

Look for the good people....its all around us if we open our eyes and see.
Much much love to all......

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Signe said...

I loved this, Annette! What a wonderful idea for inspiring people!