Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little one and the big brother.....

Back when we had little one, the last of the first three kids was 8. The oldest of those first three kids was 14. All gathered in my hospital room with my mom and my best friend and of course the dad, to watch the big arrival. Big brother, stayed behind the all was just a bit too much to see for him, but right as little one was being born, he peeked around the corner and saw the dr guide her out and hold her up so that I could see her.

In that moment a bond was created and my man-child fell in love for the first time. He adores his youngest sister. When she was a baby he spent lots of time holding her and playing with her, making her laugh, pushing her in the stroller, carrying her in the front pack. He has been the one who has taken her for a lot of her "firsts." He has taken her trick or treating every year since she was 1. This past Halloween was their first year not going together as he had moved out of the area. While we were out walking around with friends, she got a call from big brother...."Hey bud, this our first year not doing Halloween together. You having a good time with your friends?" He took her to her first real movie in a theater and for years after, that was their "thing." I never had to sit through a kids movie, because he took her to them all. When he was 16, he packed her up in her car-seat in my mini-van and took her to the "mommy and me" swim lessons that I had signed us up for. There he was with his high school art teacher and her first baby in this class filled with mama's teaching their babies to swim. He didn't care.

Big brother is tatted, has a shaved head, and is a trained MMA fighter with such a good heart. He loves the outdoors and snowboarding in particular so his new venture with little one is to turn her into a snowboarder. He bought her all new gear for Christmas and has spent hours on the bunny hill teaching her how to turn, stop, fall, get up, gain speed, slow down...watching them is one of those joyful parent moments that really, I don't think anything can compare to. He gets to the resort early so he can have a few runs on his own. We show up a little before lunch time and little one is good for about 3-4  hours and then he gets a few more runs in on his own.

Usually, I do all of the driving and dropping off, but this past weekend I had the dad do it. He drove her up there, brought a book, lunch for everyone, and just hung out. When they got home, my man of few words said, "I just can't say how happy it made me to watch them together today. I am so proud of the man he has become." I knew exactly what he was talking about because I have felt it so many times myself. I was glad that he got to experience it for himself.

Of course we are smart enough these days to know it really has nothing to do with us...our motto the past few years has been, "We take no credit, we take no blame." lol Its just a great relationship that we get to be a part of, if in no other way then by getting to witness it and hug them and tell them how much we love them. They bring us joy!


Notice the go-pro on her helmet. lol I get little video clips of her heading down the bunny hill.


beachteacher said...

Oh Annette - how wonderful ! I agree wholeheartedly - one of my very greatest joys is watching my kids love, support & be there for each other. : )

Signe said...

Beautiful :)

Syd said...

That is great! So glad that he loves his sister.