Wednesday, January 9, 2013

If I Could....

If I could orchestrate another person's recovery, which I can't, but if I could....this is what I would do.

  • Allow time to slowly go through the process of healing body and mind
  • No expectations for work right away
  • Open the door to art classes that focus on nurturing the heart and spirit.
  • Daily routine
  • Daily meetings or meeting with program friends
  • Daily exercise
  • Daily prayer and meditation
  • Eat a healthy diet at consistent times throughout the day.
  • A weekly massage
  • Slowly branch into volunteer positions to be able to give something back, to be a contributor and not just a recipient.
  • Time in nature
  • Begin to explore career options that fit with your new life of recovery. 
  • Take your time, grow into your new life. You can't rush the healing process.
Since I don't get to have any say in any of this, its all really a non-issue, but of course the minute I posted about "patience" and allowing the "process to unfold," I got tripped up all over my own feet. So since I can't put any of this into action, I CAN post it here and get it out of my system. There is still that part of me that whispers in the back of my head..."if they would only listen, I could help them."

Thankfully God is in charge of my life and those I love and I get to step aside and rest in His wisdom and the fact that He can manage all of everything....and watch the process unfold.

Keep praying y'all. I am.


SoberMomRocks said...

I can't say this amaze me.


Summer said...

You should be running your own rehab! All excellent ideas for a successful recovery!

Signe said...

I think the irony in what you've written is that if they did listen to you and commit to the list you've posted, it would help. (I really wanted to say 'would work,' but the only person who can make it work is the person who needs the work). Your little voice is giving you good advice. You have great ideas. :)

Sheri said...

I've been reading some blogs that talk about finding their word for the year. Annette, in reading this post today and your previous one... my word found me. The word is patience. Thanks for the help

Sheri said...

Oh and the other word or "thing" for my year is DUCT TAPE!!!!!

Jaimie said...

a weekly massage???? yes please!!!!

Mary said...

That all would have been amazing! Like most of us; I got sober while being a mom, wife, and holding down a full time job. I did some of these things though, a lot of it is about creating time to nurture yourself IMO. Daily exercise, prayer, volunteering, time in nature, and giving myself time to grow have all be instumental!

Syd said...

That urge to control what others do because I think that I know better occasionally comes up. But I know that it is just my ego talking. Step One is in my head as are steps 2 and 3.

Anna said...

I plan to use this list for my own self. Thanks, you are very wise.