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Tired but Grateful

  This is a post shared in a Hospice Nurse support group that I am in, it was shared by Ellie Goldstein, whose beautiful heart shines through in all of her writing. She graciously gave me permission to share here. I hope you will feel the depth of her care as much as I did. Thank you Ellie for allowing me to share your words and your beautiful photo. I’m tired but grateful I’m always so amazed at what I am blessed with to be able to do with these two hands. Today these hands held a stethoscope while listening for a heart beat. There was none These hands held the hands of his family while they cried. They cleaned & dressed a wound; & entered in orders for supplies to be delivered to keep it healing & clean. They gently wiped medicine from a mouth that could no longer swallow well; and that brain cancer had robbed of the ability to coordinate moving. These hands pet the anxious little dog of an owner who wasn’t himself lately. They checked the oxygen tubing of the owner &a

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