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Barbara and Keven

I want to introduce you to my friend Barbara. She and I met in 2007, through blogging. She welcomed me into that inner circle of writing and parents who were navigating the unthinkable. We have walked together for all of these years, hoping and praying for our kids. Keven's picture has been in my God box since early on. We have shared the joy of successes, and walked through the heartbreak of unthinkable loss with each other. I am honored that she is sharing her very raw and painful story here. It is hard to read, it's incredibly sad...but this is real life for more parent's than any of us realize. When you see lost souls out in the world, know that they are someone's child and show compassion. Be kind.    When I look at my hands I see the hands of a mother who lost her son to suicide.  My son, Keven, my only child, struggled for most of his 29 years with mental illness and drug addiction. These hands held him as he wept from depression, as he wailed uncontrollably from

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