Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Its a.....

Yep, we are having a grandson. Baby Landon will make his appearance in July. I immediately went to the fabric store and bought fabric to start sewing for him. Don't be fooled! I am not a seamstress in the furthest stretch of anyone's imagination...but I always wanted a grandma who sewed and made things for my kids and never had one, so now is my chance! Im making a set of burp cloths with cloth diapers and soft flannel. Very tricky. lol

Little one and I watched Little Women with Winona Ryder....and I realized that that is what I expected my life to be like. The loving strong mom who knew all the answers, the kids who adored her and looked to her for help, the family that was so enmeshed and close that they moved as unit, agreeing and helping one another further their dreams. No one else in my family seems to have watched the same movie though, so I got the motley crew that I got.

Things here are calm. Progress continues to unfold, but never ever in any way or time frame that I would expect or dictate. Once again....I am powerless over the outcome of anyone elses life, its not my journey, and anything we provide in support is a free gift with no strings or expectations attached. Many times that is easier said than done.

A friend was selling an older Honda Accord that we bought for little one. After months of dragging her feet about getting her permit and then her license, she is now motivated seeing that car sitting in the driveway.  It has given me a light at the end of the tunnel. I drive endlessly to appointments for she and my girl. She is also motivated as she will be able to drive down our mountain and see her nephew whenever she wants to. Slowly but surely she is branching out into her own unique version of calm, quiet, adulthood. She is an absolute joy with her vast vocabulary and her quirky interests and insights. I am amazed at the variety of children I was given.

I continue to pray for our kids and their beautiful families.


Linda deV said...

When my youngest finally got her license, my heart kind of broke. It was the end of an era, the end of forced daily interaction, of just being together. It was freeing too, and I wouldn't want it back, but it still ached just a bit.

Linda deV said...

Oh, I forgot....CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wonderful happy hugging congratulations.

Mark Goodson said...

Annette--congratulations! What great news to start my day. Letting go of attachment is definitely easier said than done. I enjoy hearing the progress, the slow and steady progress, that recovery is working in you and your family's life.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your entire family! I know I've said it before but you are going to make the best grandma.